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  • techaa2001 techaa2001 Dec 17, 2002 1:56 PM Flag

    Stock is down over 20% in 6 trading day

    days. yet no word from management

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    • I have a theory... I believe that the stock price is $18, the company knows we know. Once it gets down to $16, obviously many of us bought the stock. We even waited for two days to see if it was going to go lower. When we feel sure that we are going to earn at least $2 per share (I sold the same share a month ago at $20.50) the price goes down to $13.40, so they know we�ll have to wait at least till february when they�ll give reports or loose a great amount of money, that�s what they use to finance themselves freely, without paying interest.

    • I lost more money yesterday than you probably make in a year. Your not an investor in gme go preach your fairness of the market system to the homeless that your feeding, they might believe it.

    • Damn! You've unmasked me!

      I confess: I am actually a mutual fund manager (name: Shortsticky McFly), and me and my big-money buddies waited for you to buy your 30 shares before manipulating GME. Right now we've converted your losses into nickels and we're throwing them out the window at homeless people.

      We were wondering about one thing, though: since you already believed that the stock market is being manipulated, why were you buying stocks at all? Kind of makes you look like the REALLY "short stick" if you believe this conspiracy-theory crap and were buying stocks anyway....

      -- looking forward to your next theory as to why your mistakes are still someone else's fault --

    • I thought I was naieve, I was being too kind when I referred to you as mcfly. At least I realize I am fighting with a very short stick. You obviously believe that the dissemenation of the real information that moves markets is available to the poor sheople like you and me. There is obviously a reason these stocks have tanked in the last few weeks. Don't give me soft retail sales, or that there were 7 fewer shopping days this year. I guess you haven't paid attention during the last year: worldcom, tyco, enron, exodus, genuity, and how small investors were sold down the river. I know what you are going to say next? Save it for someone else. Have I a nice day.

    • I'm as frustrated as you. Called and e-mailed IR over 3 hours ago and have not received a return phone call. I think they forget who owns this Company.

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      • Their is nothing the company can do but do what they are doing. Their is an orchestrated effort to dump video game stocks. ttwo came out this morning with killer numbers and guidance and sold off all day. I can't imagine why anyone would be selling off these stocks at these levels. I shorted a tech stock about 6 weeks ago that lost 1.44 cents a share whose revenues were down 50 percent for the quarter, and 2003 looks worse. Guess what? the stock has is up 57% since their pathetic conference call. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the market in general. Bad is good and good is bad. imo

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