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  • grubbs333 grubbs333 Feb 4, 2004 9:19 AM Flag

    GME reports 2 weeks from today....

    Amazing how in the last 2 weeks market sentiment has turned so negative. But, this is exactly what I predicted a few weeks ago. GME is drifting down with the markets on pathetic volume every day. There are no buyers...but few sellers as well. We are balancing right on its upper resistance as well as lower support and we ARE going to move one way or the other IN A DAY OR SO. With the markets looking bad this morning there is a chance ELBO goes below 25 and GME to 16 or less. This would mean a technical breakdown for both in a NEGATIVE market. Long term I believe we will be at or near 20 by May, but short term we could penetrate our support (which I've noticed we seem to always do right before earnings only to jump a few points after). If we can make it through the next 2 weeks I think we will resume our upward trend. MY hopes and thoughts. GOOD LUCK ALL!! GO GME!!

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    • And how is John Kerry going to send this stock to $20? Working the Olympics in 2002 in Salt Lake City gave me the opportunity to meet many people. Bush is a good man, but Kerry has the feel of a typical dirty politician, he's in Ted Kennedy's (the murderer) backpocket and that is a problem, a big problem! Believe me, the guy thinks that Ted Kennedy walks on water. Of course you probably do too. Ted Kennedy is not a good person. John Kerry is not a good person either. He spent years hanging out with Hanoi Jane and disrespecting our country. I'm not against all democrats, there are good democrats out there but John Kerry isn't one of them. John Edwards is at least an honorable man and while I may not agree with his politics I think he is honest and would do the best job that he could. I don't agree in any way with Howard Dean but at least he was honest and he wouldn't tell you what you want to hear just to get elected. I cannot say that for Kerry and I will spend the next 9 months letting people know how I feel. What has Bush done other than defend our country? He inherited a lot of these economic problems from that dirtbag Bill Clinton. Anyway, enough on this.

    • Again, you can't refute any of the facts in my argument, so you call me a piece of shit. It makes me wonder how you can respect yourself when your beliefs are so completely devoid of logic and indefensible. What a nightmare.

    • Ah, the typical conservative tactic. When you've been beaten with logical argument, just resort to name calling. Thank you for playing, please try again.

    • I said I wouldn't get political anymore but you are a piece of shit. Stay off this board. As for everybody else, I'm sorry for my language. Please, lets get back to GME. I'm as guilty as anybody for bringing this up.

    • Hey pea brain. I'm done commenting on politics
      arse hole.

      Take your liberal sh!t for brain viewS and shove it where the sun don't shine.

      Go GME

    • Let me get this straight. Kerry went over and served in Vietnam. By all accounts he served with bravery and distinction. AND he had the mental and spiritual fortitude to recognize that the war was unjust and a failure, and you think that is a bad thing? I guess you really would like a half-wit like Bush who couldn't make that intellectual distinction.

      Also, you're worried about what Kerry will do to the economy? Where have you been living for the last four years? The reason GME isn't a $20 stock (or more) is because Bush has lost so many people their jobs that they can't afford extravagances like video games.

      I hope and pray Kerry (or anyone else) repeals these tax cuts before this monumental deficit drives up interest and inflation and really puts us in a death spiral.

    • Protect us from what?! From Saddam Hussein? A man so impotent he couldn't mount a defense while his home, his country and his children were being taken from him? Somehow I'm supposed to believe that this fool they found cowering in a little hole couldn't unleash weapons upon an invading army, but was going to reach half way around the world and unleash them on me? Weapons that didn't exist in the first place? Bush is a liar. He stood in front of the country and said that Saddamn Hussein was an imminent threat, and he wasn't. Meanwhile, he ignored already formulated plans to deal with the real threat (Osama and his bunch) until it was too late.

      The FACTS are that Bush took a robust economy with a huge surplus and turned it into the biggest defecit in history, and a net loss of jobs. He ruined years spent building good foreign relations. He rolled back decades of environmental protection, leaving our back yard at the mercy of corporations that are killing entire lakes and rivers without fear of prosecution. He stood up in front of the country and told a COMPLETE & UTTER LIE (the majority of this tax cut will go to people at the bottom of the economic spectrum). He hasn't done a thing right, and there couldn't be a WORSE choice in the next election.

      If you want his massacre of the economy to continue, I hate you.

    • COMORADES!! PLEASE STOP THE INSANITY! NO MORE POLITICAL POSTS!! eto ne o politiikii, a business!

      On a positive and RELAVENT note... anyone catch the GREAT articles in WSJ on A2 and B2 concerning our sector of the economy?Looking better every day my friends, and so I have upped my rating to "buy" as a result of continued economic promise. Report on the 18th, anyone can tell me mean earnings estimate of the street? Then we can all make predictions and produce an average specifically for this board.. good idea, no? Remember to support your estimate with numbers we can varify, that way everyone will be made better off.

    • How about a simple OT in the subject line for your political banter?

    • Just so you know, I was living on a military base during Vietnam while my step father was winning purple hearts there. He made it all the way up to Captain as an NCO. I guess that makes him a baby killer. Vote for who ever you like.

      Go GME.

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