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  • lkqautoseatscom lkqautoseatscom Aug 22, 2005 3:34 PM Flag

    Shorting more here....$33.83


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    • No kidding, Mighty Todd. Every second on every trade each person is either making money or letting it slip away. Only a perfect trader, which lkq has admitted he is not, does not ever let money slip away. This guy changes tones more than Jimmy Glick.

    • "You lost money because you had a decent profit and you let it slip away. I don't need to hedge each trade but what I alway do is use a trailing stop loss order. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      Dip shit, my cost basis is $29.50 -- I havent lost any money. What don't you understand. No, puts, no calls, no hedges. I'm up $1500 on this trade. And counting.

    • You lost money because you had a decent profit and you let it slip away. I don't need to hedge each trade but what I alway do is use a trailing stop loss order. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The market was flashing you sell signals. They may have of sent up a flare. If you have 25 stocks then you must not have a day job. That's way to many stocks to handle.

      You act as if I've been quoting that I never make a mistake. Are you nuts??????? By virtue of the fact that I use trailing stop losses I admit that I am very very flawed. I take risks that others wont'. I shorted the homebuilders wees ago when everyone thought they were going to the moon. How did I know that they were going down? The builiding material suppliers had broken down weeks prior. The Chinese revalued their currency etc.......

      And dude, don't threaten me. I'm sure your a better person than that.

      It's a new trading day, best of luck to all.

    • LKQ, calling names only weakens your credibity further. Usually, your such a fine judge of character.

      First, the message was not intended for you. Second, contrary to your suggestion of me losing money, I am up $1,000 and counting on this trade, and let's just say my strategy was simpler and more disciplined than yours-- that's how you spell that word disciplined; get a fucking dictionary, putz. I run 25+ stocks and don't have the time, inclination, or the lack of gonads to hedge every trade two ways to Sunday. That is why I am a winner, and you are a loser.

      What you need pal is a knuckle sandwich, you anti social piece of shit. Because your too fucking daft (look it up, imbecil) to get the message we are hurling at you. So grace another board with your majesty, and be off.

    • You little puke, do you actually think I'd wast my time tracking down your meaningless posts. All I know from my communication with you is that you are an arrogant loud mouth that has no dicipline. You failed to take your profit.

      You failed. Now your playing catch up again. If you were an army this would be your second time fighting to recapture the same ground. You know I'm right and you hate yourself for f*****g up. You'll probably get excited when we get overbought and meet resistance and double down.

    • See message 5649. His math is backwards too.

    • How do you get a $6 loss? I have 300 shares, with a cost basis of $29.50.

      And if you never lose, you rarely hit pay dirk. Grow some nuts, pu$$.

    • So your stradegy is buy high and short low? Very unique and interesting trading tactic.

    • My goodness, who is your broker? Let me know so I can buy stock in that company. You have to much of a trigger finger man. Chill out!

      I think this stock will pull back to 33.50 tomorrow and that will be the base. I could be wrong, but at some point people are going to take profits. The stock should trade between 33 and 35 barring no major news until the merger is complete. If the stocks breaks through 35.50, you better stop any short position you have. In the near term though (6 months) this baby could easily see 40-45. A good source told me yesterday that the XBox 360 could come out 3 to 4 weeks prior to the expected release date of Nov. 1st. If an announcement like this happens, this stock will go to all time highs that day.

      If you want to short a retailer Rob, look at Cold Creek, it trades at a 50 multiple and reports earnings this week. This stock should be trading at 20, but it is at 26. I started a short position this morning into the strength.

    • So let's recap the last four days for lkq

      - Predicted we wouldn't break $33.50


      - Then said we'd be in the negative by 10:30am this morning


      - Then said we'd be negative by 4pm


      - Then proudly announced he had shorted at $33.83 ...


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