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  • sorbetfuel sorbetfuel Jun 15, 2006 12:01 PM Flag

    any news? comments? why down? thx



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    • Judy, see you are still causing havic on the GME board!

      Judy, you missed out on a big gain from 30 to 50 earlier in the year... In fact you covered your short at a modest loss...

      I hope that you were telling people to short in the high 40's... otherwise you are the perfect contrarian....

      I will attempt to initiate my position around 30.00....

    • Exactly. Judy is just a stupid bitch that tends to come out of the woodwork like a nasty old termite whenever things don't seem to be going well. She never answers my questions directly and she never does her homework. This woman is an idiot!

    • I wonder who did not do the homework. Even Moody has upped the debt rating. Don't pull any old info (Jan'06) here and assume everything is going downhill. We are almost in July now.

    • My understanding from talking with them is that they planned to use some of their cash position to redeem $100 million in debt. My guess is that they did this. So, they are already in the process of retiring debt early. Keep make very little sense. I know you're making money right now (short term) but that will turn around. Again, tell me the serious problems that this company is facing that have shown up in their results?

    • Guy on CNBC just said GME down because Sony was going to be proposing some restrictions
      for the sales related to used games. GME does
      a large amount of used game sales.

    • Just look at their ballance sheet. Nearly 50% of their assets are "Goodwill" 20% is inventory, mostly used games of questionable real value. GME over paid for their acquisition. The debt is floating rate and will cost more than expected. Not a stock to own in todays enviornment.

      • 2 Replies to judythree6
      • You know nothing! Learn how to speak and spell properly you crazy old hag! It drives me nuts when you come out of the woodwork like some old termite every time this thing gets beat up. This is a great management team. There are risks, yes, as with any company but trust me, you will continue to see record results out of this company through this year. I don't know how far it'll fall before the next earnings as the market is weak but they'll do fine once they announce their next earnings results. Also, they've already retired a portion of their debt and expect them to make another offer sometime this year. That debt will be completely wiped out by 2010. Free cash flow is tremendous, we'll see who wins in 3 years.

      • hmmmm now you are upgrading the stock from strong sell to sell. 1) talking about their inventory.. you have NOT A CLUE what you are talking about when you say 50% of their inventory is of questionable value. If you have visited multiple stores, studied the company long term you would realize that this company is the only one that understands a)Sales Mix b) Linear square footage c)when to pull the plug on old product. They keep their stores lean and mean, they are making a killing on used product especially in the urban market (it feeds their inventory since trades mean disposable income; this also means cheap product for all markets, kids can have disposable income and buy more cheap product which is sold at a cheap price with high profit margin. You, Judy, are talking through your hat and can not fit this company into a nice neat box. Apparently you must have just graduated college with a business degree...everyone's biggest nightmare, you know just enough to get everyone you know into financial trouble. PS- Wait till they pay their debt down in record time....have you seen the amount of used XBox 360 product that is being bought and sold...Merry Christmas!!

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