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  • vazquezdebra vazquezdebra Sep 16, 2007 8:37 PM Flag

    GME Pawn Shop

    GME is retailer and a pawn shop. It should have a P/E of 10 - 20 like other retailers or pawn shops.

    GME pawn is loaded with old games from old gaming systems that they cannot get rid of. Is there a market for year+ old games, that everyone know sucks? People love to sell their old crappy games to GME. There stores are full of disappointing old games. GME is the Salvation Army for used games, except they are paying for the games and the retail space to try and sell them.

    Have you ever been in an old Pawn shop that has a bunch of cassette player, cassettes, CDs and CD players, that they cannot get rid of?
    Would you invest in that pawn shop?

    GME retailer is competing with Amazon, Ebay, WalMart, Sears (Lambert), Kmart, Craigslist, Costco, Sams, Target and the other GME stores that are as common as Starbucks. A retailer taking on these giants good luck!

    But I do not work at GME and I do not have insider knowledge lets look at what they think:">">
    Total buy: $16,888, total sale: $1,259,197,958, net total: $-1,259,181,070.

    That is one Billion dollars sold by insiders this year vs $16k bought. ROFL!

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    • SharkSpammer --Wrong again-- I think we know who you are, now that you just gave up the K4mrdue as your latest bashing name:

      They're on here NO less than 10 hours a day!!
      Happily engaging others in the same, scripted, banter. Their tall tales of imminent DOOM!...Never citing public FACTS, just baseless price predictions...
      What? 12 hours on here?
      Don't these people work?
      Yes, they do.
      The same bashers who are on here everyday furiously trying to "save us LONGS from armageddon" are PAID TO SIT THERE AND BASH THE STOCK!!

      Don't believe me? See for yourself...

      PS Fact: There are a minimum of 1 dozen roaches crawling around in here at any given time & the best way to kill roaches is to just copy & paste this post.

    • More insider selling. Lol another $500,000 dumped.

    • A stock with an earnings growth of 367% in the previous quarter and 39% sales increase is an excellent stock. Its 11 quarters of rising institutional sponsorship is among the best among all stocks. The fact that it is a retail just makes it that much more solid, teenagers are not going to stop buying videos anytime in the future no matter what the economy does. WHo do you think got the most earnings pop from Halo 3? Wal Mart? My local mall has 2 game stops, we could double from here with Halo 3 and the Wii pumping up earnings.

    • Still short?

    • You should cover before you lose more. Go find another stock to short and take up space on their message board.

    • I bought the game online from Amazon. Delivered to my door.
      Paid retail.
      I sold the game on ebay. Mailed via post office.
      A month later. Cost me about $25 for a month of use.

      I did not have to pay $500 per square foot for retail space ($4000k per month). I did not have to pay two guys $7 per hour (14x12 = $168 per day * 28 = $5000 per month) to work in a pawn shop. So $9k per month FIXED cost to break even at GME. Their few good games get buried with batches of bad and they end up selling them all cheap.

      The insiders know the numbers are tight and selling /pawning used games vs ebay, walmart, SAMS, Amazon is a losing proposition.

      So the dumped $1.3 billion in GME stock.

    • eat your shorts - see ya in january

    • A retailer that competes with Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Target, KSS, other GMEs and Sears is suicidal. The fact that GME has such a high P/E is laughable.

      The fact that the insiders have dumped a BILLION of the GME stock in the last year should send a huge signal. Even if they need to sell some shares to buy another BMW, dumping a billion dollars sends a clear signal. INSIDERS WANT OUT AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE OTHER SHAREHOLDERS!

      The fact GME stores are FULL of USED crappy games is obvious to anyone, who walks in the store.
      I am still short GME. Looking to add to my short position.

      I have seen the same stupidity in Sears and Radio Shack. Lambert! Lambert! Lmabert! RSH buy out! etc....- All BS.

      Retail bag holders ignoring the obvious.

    • Buying and selling people's old games is a loss-lead strategy. Most people that sell their games are cashing them in so they can get a new game 'cheaper'. GME takes a small hit on the profit margin of the new game, but benefits from the added volume of sales in new games. Other stores that don't buy old games loses the business.

      You're too myopic in your view my friend. Look at the BIG picture.

    • Isnt that what Ebay does? Its people selling old junk that other people buy.

      GME buys it dirt cheap, sells it for a premium.

      Besides, Pawn shops still stay in business for a reason, I see them all over the place.

      • 1 Reply to highmyrddraal
      • Ebay does not have to pay $500 per square foot for retail space ($3k - $5k per month)

        Ebay does not pay two guys to occupy the retail space ($5k per month)

        Ebay does not pay for storage for thousands of depreciating games.

        Pawn shops carry jewelery, which can hold value or appreciate in value for long periods of time. Pawn shops also make money on loans and hold items as collateral against the loans.

        Also no insider of Ebay has dumped a billion dollars in their shares this year. Unlike GNE

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