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  • jh123456789123456789 jh123456789123456789 Oct 18, 2007 4:14 PM Flag

    GME "Pump and Dump"

    Insiders have:
    Total buy: $16,888, total sale: $1,275,918,395, net total: $-1,275,901,507.

    Most retail stocks have sold off 10-40%, but this stock keeps up, getting more media attention and pumping. But the insiders have dumped $1.2 billion in shares.

    So why are people buying a retailer that competes with Walmart, Ebay, Amazon etc.... when the insiders are telling you what they think of the company?

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    • "makes sense to me to side with the insiders."

      --> Don't say I didn't warn you against your interpretations.

      "it will come down like all the other retailers."

      --> Ditto what I just said.

      "I got time, just waiting on the GME elevator down."

      --> That's perfect! With time on your side selling those Jan 09' or 10' $25 calls is a sure thing. Don't forget to let us know when you start that trade...


      Yes, WMT has the most lenient return policy.


    • Yada, yada, pump, pump. Insiders are dumping in a big way. I believe they have more insight then you. Again they DUMPED $1.2 billion, in 12 months. Why?

      Used game margins are higher if they manage to sell them. The store near me is flooded with crappy used games and DVDs. There is no margin on something you cannot sell that sits on the self until they put a .99$ sticker on it.

      The stock is being pumped very hard my analyst and the insiders are dumping very hard, makes sense to me to side with the insiders. They are betting a billion the stock falls.

      Again, GME is a mall retailer and it will come down like all the other retailers. I got time, just waiting on the GME elevator down.


      Where is the best place to buy a 360 Walmart or Best Buy?
      I heard if it overheats Walmart will take it back?

    • Hey it's a new ID. Good guess. I also buy 1-2 yr old cars and mostly value stocks. I actually don't "play" many games because I prefer to "play" the mkt. My "high scores" are the returns I get by being an active investor (and they're very good scores). I see you must be considering finally taking all your money out of HANS and diversifying? You appear to have dominated that board for quite some time. I'm sure you had all your life savings in it and maxed out your credit lines so you could have a really huge position that's worth multi-millions now... Congrats...


    • The people who buy 2+ year old games are the same people as you... who don't buy the systems when they first come out and need to catch up on all the games they missed while waiting for the price of the system to drop.

    • Hey!! It's jh123 again! You still haven't replied to "my" original reply to "your" post that was deleted for some reason from the boards. Here's my reply; hopefully you remember "what you wrote".

      1) Used games are the biggest margin component of the business so that's a positive. I've posted reasons for concern in the past but they are >2yrs away.

      2) Store expansion is an added driver to growth.

      3) Your "when will it go back to $20" statement in a previous post is pure hilarity. If you’re serious let us know when you sell the Jan 09' or 10' $25 calls. Wow, that's a great trade if we're headed to $20... You can "collect" $35 to $37 "upfront" and let them expire worthless when gme's at $20. Then you can use those proceeds to help finance a "Really Big" gme short position to fully leverage your astute analysis. "Great trade"!! Again, let us know when you place it. Oh yea, you're welcome...


      P.S. Is your alter ego named matrix by any chance...?

    • APPL, RIMM, GRMN have nothing in common with GME. Are you kidding?

      GME is more like Radio Shack or Best Buy. GME is a RETAILER! GME has no monopolies.

      GME competes with about 20 retailers that sell games. Including Wal Mart, Ebay, Amazon, CC, etc....

      "Used games" and selling used technology is a losing wager. Go to a GME and look at the Used games shelves. They are full of crappy old games. Madden 1999, Civiliztion II, Ages of Empire 1, etc.... Who buys 2+ year old games? Who sells good games?

      If selling used games was profitable, why would many of these starving retailers not go into the business?

    • That was supposed to read the "4 horsemen of consumer electronics" as discribed by a marketwatch article.

      And keep posting links to non Yahoo domains and see how long your posts remain on Yahoo MB's.

      And yes there is indeed conflicting information on the amount of insider selling. Do a little research from some other sources.

    • Your comment - "GME is a mall retailer that sells video games, just like 20+ other retailers that sell video games." shows either: your complete ignorance of the VG biz or a willful attempt on your part to drive folks away from this long-term money maker. If you knew anything about the VG biz is that this cycle is only beginning with the sales of the new hardware, followed by sales of the new software and in between people trading and purchasing used merchandise.

      GME is not only the world leader in video game sales, it is also the only one with any consequence that sells used games...

      But I bet you already knew that...........

    • GME has nothing in common with Apple, Garmin or RIMM.

      GME has no "moat" or patents to protect it's business.

      GME is a mall retailer that sells video games, just like 20+ other retailers that sell video games.

      Going against any crowd? GME is down today. It will return to $20ish. When? Next week? Next year? 2020? Tomorrow....

      I am siding with the insiders. At least you know how they feel about the stock.

      Like many pumped up, retail, bag holding "investors" you cannot provide links to support your position.

      Here are some insider selling links to GME:

      The insider selling looks almost like a panic?

    • WOW! You are right! The insiders have only sold 46% of their shares in six months. It looks like there might be a few million more to dump.

      Keep buying insiders have a few more to sell!

      Meanwhile, I will side with insiders.

      You can side with the bag holders.

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