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  • unseennc unseennc Nov 13, 2007 8:56 AM Flag

    O/T anyone else going long the dollar?

    Should be a good trade until runup to FED meeting. The FEd has to lower inflation so they can say housing and the economy. Only way to lower the inflation is to lower oil and gold only way to lower oil and gold without lower demand is to boost the dollar. Therefore the dollar is going up until the FEd cuts rates in DEC. At least that's the plan I have been using since last WED after the oil inventory numbers came out and oil failed to rally.

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    • thats what i keep thinking but the econ. sometime doesnt make a bunch of sense to me. How does a stronger $ lead to a rising $. If overseas folks are going to buy US assets then buy them real cheap, then buy them NOW! have you guys heard a big cry from the (press) telling everything the other countries are buying? Not much if any, are they just buying stocks? and not whole companies like Japan did 20 some years ago. o the outcry that caused. WHO KNOWS? great subject.

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      • The forgein companies will not come in as long as the dollar is falling. they will only come in once the dollar starts to go up. If they buy on the way down they are "catching a falling dagger" if they buy after the dollar starts up "they are buying before the deal is gone" Like everything in the market it is based on fear and greed. When the dollar is falling they fear it will continue to fall. When the dollar is rising the greed/fear comes out of "missing" the move.

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