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  • abitarecatania abitarecatania Nov 12, 2007 11:41 AM Flag

    GME @ P/E 47. GME P/E going=20 or less

    I guess with 20+ retailers selling video games and a US recession insiders are not stupid:

    Total buy: $16,888, total sale: $1,392,153,395, net total: $-1,392,136,507.

    GME valuation of 9B vs Best Buys 19B is...laughable
    GME P/E of 49 vs Best Buy 16
    GME Net income of 189.90M Verses Best Buy 1.36B

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    • No time to read through all the posts, but the reason Riggio sold so many shares of GME was to open up some capital to put money into his other venture - BARNES AND NOBLES ... look at their insider transactions, he purchased numerous shares right after selling GME shares. I doubt he thinks it's going down from here. Just needed to free up capital.

    • I love the passion for GME, no doubt. Disregarding a $1.39 billion in insider selling. P/E =47. 3 times the peers.

      People sincerely believe this pig is going to go up? Wow, gotta love it.

      Since JSDA, CROC, HLYS, shipping, Ethanol.... has been crushed the passion of the retail bag holder is just a whimper there.
      But here there is still enthusiasm and belief regardless of the obvious danger of the earnings report.

    • Actually he helps...The more of his B.S. the higher the pps goes.

    • ROFL! Ha, ha, ha. Please stop it, tears in my eyes! You need to lighten up... Get a girlfriend? You are spending to much time alone. When was the last time you talk to your family?

      "You have posted nothing new"
      I do not need to, the simple points are enough

      "I have already thoroughly trounced"
      Please, trying to compare a retailer to MSFT? MSFT was a ground breaking creation, that had thousands of patents to protect its franchise. Or trying to justify $1.4 billion in insider selling on a stock with a $9 billion CAP. Are you kidding?

      "Insulting the military that gives your pathetic ass the right to be stupid"
      I am making fun of you, and stereotyping the Marine Corp. I recognize the need for a well armed militia.
      We are not in the Third Reich. The Constitution guarantees my rights, as well as the First and Second Amendment. Do you remember swearing to uphold the constitution? You might have forgotten? Or you have not read the Constitution? Which is why there is the second amendment.

      "if you'd like a free ticket to Iraq."
      No thanks. That is why I got out. I want no part of the debacle. I want the soldiers home and do not want to bankrupt the US.

      "I recommend everyone else ignore him as well."
      Run away!

    • some truth:

      Hillary is not a neocon. she is a thorwback liberal in sheeps clothing. Rudy is the Bush clone which is why I can't vote for him.

      some more truth. Using your "system" WMY, MSFT,BRK would all be shorts in the 1990's because the "story" was pumped.

      You have to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Is GME overpriced? Not as long as the growth keeps up. There will come a day when the 48 p/e is too much for GME. That day may be next TUEs or it may not. It depends on the numbers. Making your trades on the P/e number is a very stupid move. Making your traders not understanding the industry is a stupid move. Making your trades because other stocks failed is a stupid move. As long as the story is the same the stock will continue higher. when the conditions on the ground change the stock will get taking out to the woodshed until then it won't. So far all the industry data suggest that the story not only is continuing but also increasing. ATVI,ERTS, THQI all say so. GME CC last 3months say so. NPD numbers say so.

    • I love GME. The passion is great to watch on these highly pumped up retail stocks. I have seen it all before with CROC, HLYS, dry bulk shipping, China, if you give a story and people buy into it then they cannot believe it when the stock drops 30-50% a day.

      Gamestop is so ripe it is exciting 120% run up, pumping on CNBC, meanwhile insiders unloaded $1.4 billion. ROFL!

      As for Ron Paul, he will not win. Hillary has been picked. It will be Rudy vs Hillary. You can vote for either Neocon, they are the same, in spite of rhetoric.

      You will love this 5 time draft dodger tells future of Iraq:

      A song to listen to while you wait for earning to slam this pig:

    • Flyerd,

      He is a Ron Paul supporter. that tells you all you need to know. His mind set is that America is on the wrong path, that we are headed to a major depression and that we will be a third world nation. Thus everything is bad and know good news is heard.

    • Best Buy is not GME. GME sells a lot of fast moving items with large profit margins. Best Buy has too many slow moving items and fast moving items with small profit margins. That would explaing the P/E of about 16 to maybe 20. GME sells so many fast moving items with large profit margins. Also, their earnings are predictable because games present new yearly versions. GME managers just know how much to order each year. GME is a niche stock, Best Buy is not a "focused" niche market stock, if you will, because it diversifies into electronics, computers,appliances, DVDs, CDs and what not. There is profit margin power in small items (GME) verus large ticket items (Best Buy).

      You must understand, your pessimism encourages me to think that because there are many more people out there like you, GME is an ignored stock yet to be realized by more people out there who will buy to the GME stock up to a higher pps.

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      • Your right GME is not Best Buy. Best Buy is a big box retailer that is the best electronics retailer in the country with a reasonable P/E of 16.

        GME is one of about 20 video game seller, that has been significantly juiced past reasonable valuation. P/E = 47!

        GME insiders have been able to unload $1.4 billion shares onto the bag holding suckers in 12 months.

        You think you are smarter then then the insiders, who have bet $1.4 billion the stock is overvalued.

        I think the insiders are smarter then you. It is that simple.

    • P.S. There's still a lot of profit being held by people/institutions in this stock and when people/institutions want/need to raise capital they take profits from some of their big winners. A good amount of the selling is related this. I'm still expecting the price tgt's I posted months ago to be pretty good for both the near term and 1 yr out.


    • ever hear of a one tracked mind?

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