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  • flyerd1 flyerd1 Nov 20, 2007 10:41 AM Flag

    back above $51 - only down 2.75% now...


    The only thing I'd say as far as buying too high is that (IMO) you should never buy everything in 1 purchase. It "usually" works out best to plan on buying in 2-4 purchases. In your case that would have been something like limit orders at $56, $52, $48-9. It looks like hindsight now but I always preach averaging in. Just a board posters opinion so disregard it but that's my 2 cents.

    IRT your E-Trade account: They don't give you real time unless your "power E-trade" account. If you call them they should give you a free qtr trial though. They'll review your account at the end to see if you qualify for continued power status. Ameritrade does real time quotes although I'm not sure if it's because I'm an Apex client or not.


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    • If you believe in technicals and candlesticks so far we have a gap down with a long white candlestick which may signal a trend reversal to the upside.

      Not to argue but the Etrade marketcaster is free and is real-time quotes, I'm using it right now. Power E-trade is better and you can trade directly from it. Marketcaster just allows you to watch the real time quotes, you still make trades through the normal fashion.

    • I think that's good advice if I had more money. But commissions would kill me on just the small bucks I'm trying to invest if I bought at multiple entries. If I have $5k-10k, I agree with your advice but I don't (I only have $1500 invested in the market right now...:)

      Ameritrade, do you get up-to-the-minute quotes for being a regular customer or just for a preferred account? Thanks for everyone's replies.

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