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  • smartmove2day smartmove2day Nov 20, 2007 12:39 PM Flag

    Where ALL the "Cocky" Longs....

    This stock was OVERPRICED to perfection...what more can I say about that! ....The trend was set since Friday....It was going DOWN after earnings. Some people can't see the potential(or lack of....) for their stupidity! AFTER another 5-8 points down there may be another opportunity.....

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    • I am waiting for you to respond to the other thread. Instead you sit here and mock troops.

      You a terrorist?

    • You are going to have go back to Iraq if you are buying a retailer with a P/E of 47 in a recession.

      The Asian stock market is getting hammered right now.

    • Bahahahahahaha you are back what a tool. I am happy as a pig is s!@#$ i get the opportunity to buy this low. Scared, are you kidding me?? This is like betting on the patriots. Have you been to the stores??? They are selling more this week even before friday versus any other retailer, the fourth quarter numbers will beat what the analysts thought they should have forcasted. Sell all yiou chicken littles the sky is falling...and I am here buying. Still long still strong and I am adding on to my position. i know the business, most other economic geniuses knopw stock trends, this company will not and can not lose. 60-70 coming soon. Just let the market shake out a bit. PS- the biggest cocky long is right here in the good and the bad, just sell baby, I am here to catch your short...bahahahaha

    • I am right here buying shares on each dip. Go down to 40. I will buy even more.

    • I don't think you could say my posts were cocky, but longs are still here. I just find it humorous that people think they are SO right and like to rub a stock's intraday gains or losses in each other's faces. Unless you are a day trader, since when does one day mean anything?

      Being an asbolutist b/c the price dropped or gained in the last 5 secs is crazy, especially with this stock's volatility lately. Heck, it might gain $6 a share tomorrow for all we know (not predicting it will), but this stock has been pretty steady until the last 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, I don't think that I'm learning anything from any of this to take with me on the next investments I may make. It's just that crazy the last few weeks. Nothing about why I love this company has changed since I bought. The only thing I can try to learn is how to better evaluate a price to buy in at. And I don't abita's P/E is as surefire a method as he thinks despite how many times he posts it.

    • Thgere was no reason for a drop of this magnitude. Congs' for being a Monday Morning Q'Back.

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