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  • abitarecatania abitarecatania Nov 23, 2007 10:38 PM Flag

    Went by Gamedump Tonight. Terrible

    I wanted to see if my local Gamedump still had my old Xbox system. I dumped on them two/three months ago. I might offer them $00.99 to buy it back. Show it to the Grandkids, besides I bought it 5 years ago and Gamedump would probably be forced to throw it away, like most of their used crap.

    Gamedump must lose thousands a month on buying used games?

    What a mess! Gamedump was a total wreck, second only to Urban Outfitters, which was trashed. You could hardly look around with all the kids loitering / abusing the open systems. Not buying anything of course, you could not find anything amongst so much trash. Gamedump looked like a USED book store. Does Gamedump have room for any new games?

    Thankfully, the mall has about five other places to get games without the mess: Sears, Sony store, a couple DVD / Game / Music stores and Radio Shack (carry games here).

    Across the street is Circuit City and Best Buy. Where most prefer to shop, far more selection, with out the mess and people trying to sign you up for Game Informer etc....

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    • Well well well sharkspammer, judythree tymbur and not a new name.. you still can't win, you are still a mindless indiot with no understanding of gme and pssst little hint I will bet that gme had the best black friday and black friday week in history...wait till they say that. hahahahahaha ps just in case you all don't know:
      SharkSpammer--I think we know who you are:

      They're on here NO less than 10 hours a day!!
      Happily engaging others in the same, scripted, banter. Their tall tales of imminent DOOM!...Never citing public FACTS, just baseless price predictions...
      What? 12 hours on here?
      Don't these people work?
      Yes, they do.
      The same bashers who are on here everyday furiously trying to "save us LONGS from armageddon" are PAID TO SIT THERE AND BASH THE STOCK!!

      Don't believe me? See for yourself...

      PS Fact: There are a minimum of 1 dozen roaches crawling around in here at any given time & the best way to kill roaches is to just copy & paste this post.

    • Thank you for stating that there is enough gaming business for every company who has a gaming department. And because GME has a niche in gaming, they are not diversified into slow moving non-gaming items that take more floor space that would command a higher overhead.

      Thank you for your argument that supports why I am long in GME.

    • Brother, I do not need to do research...I KNOW ......

      Like I said before, I have made a ton of money with this stock, and while I understand it won't last forever, I also KNOW that this is not the time to sell - unless I want to stop making money at the rate I have been.

      This is not the time to dump. Too much going on in the video game business to do so, at the very least the remainder of the year and into Q1 and 2 of '08.

      I am sure we will both still be here and we can keep discussing this then, but I bet I will have a lot more money...

      Just talking about something I KNOW about.

    • The company is making a ton of money by selling its stock to people like you, who buy the story, but do not do much research.

      GME is a "pump and dump". Go take a look at DRYS and watch the message board as the stock has sold off 40% in a month.

      Great story, people bought it and now the dumping starts....

    • lpg4009 Nov 25, 2007 12:20 PM Flag

      the used business is Gamestop's most profitable part of their business. Games are the hottest item for this holiday season. You could buy erts, atvi,msft, sony, etc or you can buy them all with one stock - gme. gme is one of the best run retailers along with tgt and bby. gme have small low overhead stores with aggressive growth plans. there only problem is getting enough product to supply demand - nice position to be in. this qtr's numbers will blow the doors off - can not wait for the next earnings call

      • 1 Reply to lpg4009
      • "the used business is Gamestop's most profitable part of their business."

        WRONG. Read Gamestop Managers write up. "fact is they lose money on most trade ins"

        "Games are the hottest item for this holiday season."

        Yep, that is why 20+ retailers sell them. PS3 at KMart for $319. I buy at Best Buy, where there is room and inventory. GME is the place to dump your old Maddens and XBOX systems.

        "You could buy erts, atvi,msft, sony, etc or you can buy them all with one stock"

        WRONG. Not even close to accurate. GME is a retailer, not a game maker. GME has a P/E 3-4 its Game selling rivals.

        "gme have small low overhead stores with aggressive growth plans."

        WRONG - there is a reason for the sucess of WalMart and big box retailers. It is not because of "small overhead" of the Mall retailers.

        "there only problem is getting enough product to supply demand - nice position to be in."

        WRONG - there is hyper competition in selling games. That is why GME is always BEGGING, Begging, Begging, people to pre order or sign up for Game Informer

        "this qtr's numbers will blow the doors off - can not wait for the next earnings call"

        WRONG - Earnings were last week. GME is DOWN 18% in a month.

    • Yeh, Gamestop's earnings blow out shows they sit on used games and systems for a long time.

      You have to be the most pathetic short on this board.

      This is the best pullback we are going to get before $65. I took advantage of it and added 800 shares. Good luck to all.

    • You may want to go to the Gamedump site and leave this site. Well IMO you will end up leaving here once the stock begins to move higher.

      As long as we are talking about our experiences, I went to my local Gamestop at the mall this afternoon and I estimate around 80 customers at the time I arrived. Unlike your story, sales were very good as the salespeople were very helpful and I was asked twice if I needed any help. Many purchased 2-3 video games with the occasional GH3 sold. It also seemed that used games were also very popular as many younger children were interested in these games. When I asked about sales, I was told that the COD4 was selling like crazy and overall sales were very strong.

      This was in direct contrast to my visit to Target where several customers were interested in purchasing a 360 Xbox and GH but no salesmen were available to assist them. Several people just gave up and apparently left the store.

    • You are really starting to sound desperate, man.

      "The mall has other places without the mess"...Why? 'Cause no one shops there for video games, duh!

      Radio Shack, Sears to buy games?? Who goes there for that?

      I am sure the mess at Gamestop came from folks the where are the Gamestops I visited.

      Dude, I really thing this category is too complicated for you to understand. I tried to explain, but Flyerd is have an agende and nothing that happens (like the stock running up year after year) will change that.

      Why has this stock ran up? Used Games.

      Why has the other folks' stock you mention here not produced the same results? No used games.

      It's really that easy...

    • Where is Gamedump located? I have heard of many video game reatilers, but wouldn't want to shop at a place like this? I still don't understand why they would call a store Gamedump, at least GameStop is a little more catchy.

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