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  • unseennc unseennc Dec 4, 2007 10:16 AM Flag

    Will the DEMs spoil the after Christmas sales

    Due to their inability to act like adults the failure to pass the AMT relief may impact the timing of tax returns. This along with the proposed 1 trillion in tax hikes is more worrying to me than all the subprime crap. This will take money out of the consumer pocketbook. Who elected these idiots?

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    • I agree and the Defense dept should start cutting "pet projects" of all Congress critters first if the funding is not there. The projects in the leaderships district should be the first to get the cut. It's all showboating until someone gets their pet projects cut then its time to get back to business.

    • LOL... First child raising now politics; here we go again... Not to get into a big debate or anything but I actually generally prefer Dem's to Republicans (not that I always vote that way though). I did vote against Bush for numerous reasons but I also "can not stand" our new "speaker" (the one to remain un-named-like GOOG lol). She drives me crazy and that speech a few months ago "there's a new congress in town" shot me right up the wall. I hate the political theatrics from "both sides" (if you know that something's going to get veto'd or shot down in the senate/house don't waste "my" time on it. The Rep's are just as guilty of that crap though.

      I'm in favor of taxing "fees" as the "earned income that it is" too (that's a BS tax code loophole that really pisses me off). I'd also be in favor of doing "something" to ban the process of attaching a bunch of BS to an otherwise passable bill (I hate pork belly crap). Stop wasting time and just do your damn jobs as "elected workers" who were elected to "serve us".

      Oh crap, you've got me rolling now... Nope, I will bite my tongue (stop my fingers actually) and refrain from discussing my social security and health care reform ideas as well as my senate/house pay thoughts... Lucky you. LOL


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      • While it is political it has more reach for the market than the subprime crap. Congress's inability to do its job will have major ramifications on the market and on the economy. adults get along, children fight and take their ball home. You reach a compromise both sides can live with and you MOVE ON.

        I am not thrilled with Bush or the Rep but be that as it may, the Dems are the ones in charge now of Congress and they have done a terrible job of things over the last year. Pelosi and Reid are idiots that are acting like children.

        The economy is on a ledge of a major recession and they do nothing. At least Paulson and Bush are trying to solve some of the problems. The Congress just wants to raise taxes.

        the tax code is inherently unfair and needs to be wiped out. The fair tax or a progressive flat tax are needed to help the economy and the consumer. Instead the Dems and Rep trade tax loopholes for cash and get away with it. Now they can't even pass the tax bills soon enough for people to get their money back. What would happen if all the banks decided to not give the people their money for 3 months? Yeah that's right the economy would go down the drain. We have the same problem going on now. Almost 72 billion in tax returns are going to be month or two or three or four late what is that going to do for FEB, MAR, APR retail sales? At a time when the economy NEEDS the consumer to stave off a recession. If I didn't know any better (and I don't) I would say the DEMS are purposely pushing us into a recesssion because they think people will blame Bush and the REp

    • Different idiots than elected the shrub.
      Enuff said, we don't need political debate on this board.

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