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  • unseennc unseennc Dec 5, 2007 9:45 PM Flag

    Dems vote to increase my electricity bill because

    they are stupid and can not understand science. Maybe someone needs to tell these idiots that the Sun is warming the earth, mars, and even F**king Pluto. Idiots.

    The bill would set caps on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from electric utility, transportation and manufacturing industries beginning in 2012 with the goal of cutting emissions 60 percent by 2050. It would create an incentive system that would give credits to industries that cut pollution. Industries that failed to reduce emissions would be forced to buy credits from others.

    The Democratic-led Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted 11 to eight, largely along party lines, to send the measure to the full Senate for what supporters hope will be action early next year.

    "We are facing a crisis that will hit our children and our grandchildren the hardest if we do not act now. Not to act would be wrong, cowardly, and irresponsible," said Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat, chairwoman of the committee.

    SEEMS kind of stupid to give your competitors a leg up.

    But many Republicans oppose the legislation, saying it would increase energy costs and lead to job losses. They argue the measure does not ensure that other nations, particularly China and India, will cut emissions.

    "China's emission will continue to accelerate as it builds coal plants and imports jobs from the United States. This will be enormously expensive to households within seven years as electricity prices skyrocket by 35 to 65 percent," said Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, the top Republican on the committee

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    • I agree that we need to move off of Arab oil, africian oil and south american oil. I'm all for solar, ethanol, wind, nuclear, natural gas, coal etc.

      however I am offended that our politicians feel the need to lie to us and drum up a false theory to accomplish this. I studied climatolgy in college and there is no evidence for man made global warming. None. There is global warming happening but it is not man made and man can not stop it. The money would be better spent on trying to adjust to the coming climate changes then tilting at windmills. It would be more useless than trying to stop the Sun from coming up and about as sucessful.

    • "Ominous Arctic Melt Worries Experts"


      GITA!!! ;-)

    • buddy, if you get your science form Al gore your in trouble. The glaciers have been melting for 10,000 years. You think people were driving cars 10,000 years ago?

      Ice logs from drill cores in Greenland show that there were periods of more CO2 than present 100,000's of years ago.

      You will have to drive about 5 years in a prius to recoup the "savings on the price of gas" since the prius is overprices because its got a green lablel on it. After 5 years you need to replace the batteries which themselves are big pollution sources. All that energy to produce any car be it an SUV or a prius has to come from somewhere.

      Illegals are a major cause of healthcare inflation. Infact some hospitals in TX, AZ, NM and CA are having to shut down because of the illeagals not paying. You can't give healthcare away for free or you get too much demand.

      the rest of your post is just standard Bush derangement syndrome (BDS).

      Al He doesn't have an agenda now does he. He wouldn't make the facts fit his agenda would he. No way he has nothing but proper motives...Al Gore uses more energy in one year than I'll use in 20 years but that' s ok because he's "special". He is a hypocrite with a capital H.

    • What a load of crap!

      Immigrants are really flooding to our hospitals? Nope! They fear being reported.

      Go see Al Gore's film and then see if he hasn't addressed all your arguements. The increase of CO2 in our atmosphere is directly related to the oil age, no two ways around that fact. What is the result? Go look at the glaciers, they are all retreating! That's a bad sign. Many people depend on that stored up fresh water and now it's all melting away.

      There's no valid reason why we have to continue to drive gas hogging cars or build them. Nobody needs to have 2 tons of metal surrounding them to move their butt through space. Cars should be built lighter, they should be run on batteries, much like the Prius but plug-in Prius will be even better. We can build a car like that too, can't we? If you want to spend an extra $1000 on gas each year, then go ahead. It's time we redirect some of the tax payers' money to alternative energy sources. Why should oil companies who are posting record profits continue to get 20 Billion of our money? Let's get some solar and wind farms going so we can be less dependent on the whims of OPEC, who we ship 2 Billion USD to each week. Our whole fiasco in Iraq, despite all the other reasons given, was for control of oil. That's cost us a Trillion dollars. Iraq never was a threat to the US. It's a well known fact by now that Bush skewed the bits and pieces of "facts" to support his hidden agenda. You don't send an army to find a few terrorists! I'm mad as hell that our treasure is being wasted on a needless war. We have all the technology and resources to be independent of OPEC. We have tidal flow in the Golden Gate to tap, we have geo-thermal in Yellowstone, we have enough coal for 300 years, we have deserted dessert to layout huge solar farms, we have skycrappers that get high winds where wind turbines could be installed, etc. etc. etc. The stupid thing to do is to just keep going on like we are doing. When Bush became president we paid $26 per barrel, now we're paying $90. You really want to pay $180 in about five years? The sun is there, it's pumping out light for free. I just don't see why you're so blind.

    • LOL- pretty soon you'll be the one "making the real money" from all your stock picking...


      P.S. Hey, I'd like to stay in touch iot exchange Green info if you're interested. Let me know by sending me an email if you want. Take care.

    • He's too busy making the real money in the household. :)

    • That sounds cool. They have some electric cars that go pretty darn fast right now too. I only like those types of vehicles if you have a solar array though so you don't have to "use pwrplant energy" to power your car. The ones that also harness energy from braking are even better.

      BTW, per your avatar you need to look for the air pwrd bike.


      P.S. Why isn't the hubby posting on here too?... I guess you're the stock person in the house.

    • gridiron- I figured you were kidding about Pitt but hey why not write to his agent/publicist anyway? You never know... You should also write to Ed Begley who does a show called "Living With Ed" (Bill Nye(SP) "The Science Guy" is also on his show). I'll bet you'd have a decent chance of getting him to come out to do an interview/TV show on gshp's. I'm not joking either. I seriously think he'd be interested and more than happy to do a show on it. In addition, Jay Leno just put a whole crap load of solar on top of his "garage" and he might be interested as well.

      Just something to think about; I'll expect a kick back of course.


    • Agreed there is so many present day problems to worry about why worry about something that you can not change. Co2 will be here in 1,000,000 years at about the same precentage. Weapons of Mass destruction hopefully will not. =Worry about those things that you can change.

    • my view also the less we are dependant the better. But do it for the right reasons not for some halfbaked theory that is just an excuse to stop modern society,.

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