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  • abitarecatania abitarecatania Dec 18, 2007 12:57 PM Flag

    $500 billion injection and the market sells off?


    I can answer that, but I would rater defer you to someone else, so you have so more varied perspective. (Plus, she types faster then me_.

    Go post your question to dwot on CAPS

    She is ranked 14 out of 40k, very wise and she like to talk. The guys here on the GME message board are not worth listening to.

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    • Thanks abita, but I prefer the open message board rather than talking to one person. B/c you like her, she probably thinks very similar to you. I kind of like the message board. I get all sorts of opinions and info. I don't know who anyone is, what their experience is or anything about them except they like to post on msg boards and visit them to get a snippet of what people are thinking.

      I'm the only person I can trust. I use my brain to filter the information...most of the bad is obvious...the rest is to filtered with what I know, what I need to research, etc. I have to do the same process with the news, books/articles I read, shows I watch and so on. Sure, over time we might come to give some people (experts or not) more respect in their opinions than others, but I try to never take anyone's word as gospel or complete bull dependent on how I "feel" about them. There have been people who've thought you should sell GME ever since I bought some and I'm happy to hear them out and decide if I think their reasons change anything about why I decided to buy. So far, none have been convincing enough no matter how oft repeated.

      It doesn't prevent me from being wrong, but it does prevent me from assigning my investment decisions to anyone else besides me.

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