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  • ffgridirongirl ffgridirongirl Jan 2, 2008 2:33 PM Flag

    Waiting to get CROX ed

    Are you really trying to say that GME will drop $20 per share in one month (or are you saying break $40 by next Jan. 09)? Do you realize what kind of catastrophic news would have to break for almost any stock, much less one with a good growth record and more potential to come, to fall that hard? I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's darn near.

    The biggest price drop I can find in one month in GME's history is the one we just went through in Nov (just cursory glance at price charts...happy to be corrected if someone has better data). It went from 56-57ish down to about $50, but was back at $56-57ish b-4 Nov. was over. If you can time and short the dips, bravo for you, but this stock is heading up overall. So, provide real points about why it will stop and start heading downward (as a trend not a day or month of bad market).

    Examples: explain how a competitor will stop GME's growing market share and take it away (that WMT, TGT, BBY all sell VGs is not a good reason, there's a plethora of sneaker makers...did someone forget to tell Nike? There were millions of grocery stores when WMT came on the scene, did someone forget to tell them?), explain how the rise of VG popularity is only a fad and will dissipate into nothingness, explain examples of bad management/store practices will hurt the company. Anything...anything real not repetitive and irrelevant insider sales (explain why they are selling...wait, "they must know something we don't know"...right then) or high PEs, and you might get someone to respect your point of view.

    I'd actually appreciate some solid reasoning from detractors, but your rants so far are just repetitive and baseless.

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