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  • unseennc unseennc Jan 23, 2008 3:25 PM Flag

    O/T. Is smart money smart?

    I'm not sure if the people on CNBC are just talking their book but IF I had listened to them I would be down considerable. Is is a herd mentality? They all say the same thing. It's like listening to a pack of old biddies telling you to wash behind your ears.

    No one tells you to sell let alone short? They say shorting is diffucult to understand. What is hard to understand about shorting? about options? about basic chart reading? Does the Street really think we are that stupid. If so is this a case of underestimating your opponent? When I first started "investing" I was like wow these guys are smart, now it's like How can they be that stupid? I know I haven't magically increased in intelligence so Is all our present problems in the market simply explained by the dumbing down of Wall street over the last decade or so? Are the financal leaders like our political leaders and have been dumbed down by PC crap/ lack of imagination/ lack of quaility education.

    It reminds me of the Time Machine and the elites being too stupid to run the machines.

    I don't know just random thoughts...

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    • no not bored yet. Market action is too exciting. These are fun times. what's that ancient chineses curse. "may you live in interesting times" or something like that. We are most defintintly in interesting times...

    • "eradicate"...eradice? what the heck?

    • Cookies?! Didn't your hear the part about me selling my fave stock to eradice "cookie" damage? You tempter you.

    • LOL.. See? I knew it would be a pot stirring topic. I don't know if we're at the bored stage yet but yep, that's the SS I'm talking about.


    • social security?

      Oh you mean enforced economic slavery of our old people for votes?

    • All you had to do was "ask" for the cookie and I'd have given you 2 dozen ;-). ;-). In all seriousness, that was very well said. I agree with the whole thing. One area we may differ though is irt social security. I believe it is a useful thing for various reasons that we can get into when the board is "bored" sometime. ;-)


    • well said. personal responsibility needs to make a come back.

    • "the gray comes in on how you deal with the evil"

      You are DEAD ON and you are going to get me fired up. If only leadership in this country could just GET that very simple fact. We think there are "gray areas" only because we can't all agree on "how to deal with" ANYTHING in life. Because we can't agree or can make wonderful/logical arguments about why or why not certain "deal with" decisions are good/bad it does not change the moral integrity of the situation we are "dealing with."

      Stealing is wrong. In its simplest form, most people agree with this statement. However, people want to bring up "Robin Hoods." Would you steal to keep your children from starving, etc? Stealing is IMMORAL no matter the situation.

      Ok, let's say that is the ONLY way to keep your child from starving (I'd doubt that is hardly ever the case, but whatever). Yes, I would steal food to keep my children (had I any) from starving. But that does not change the morality of the situation. It is still a sin (oops I mean it's "wrong"). It is still against the law. I still DESERVE to go to jail/be punished b/c I did it. No matter the morality/validity of the reason. Maybe it's a "gray area" for the judge who may or may not have the power to grant mercy, but it isn't a gray area in general. I, honestly, have no recourse b/c I chose to steal, do wrong, break the law and justice should probably be served to a) preserve the integrity of the law b) protect the rights of the victim (person stolen from). As a moral person, I should accept punishment w/o complaint.

      Now, in a perfectly just world, I would hope I could find a way to work for the person who had the food or the person MIGHT be generous enough to provide charity to my children. Just b/c the person has the food, doesn't mean the person should BE FORCED to provide them food to "prevent" my crime. I am NEVER forced to commit the crime. I could let my children die, and it's on my head for not being able to provide for them. (This is extremely harsh, but, honestly it IS the way the world should work.)

      Unfortunately, this world has evil people so the world can't "work" the way it should. There are some people who would hoard the food to themselves (allowing no one to work for it nor giving it away) even letting some waste b/c they don't care about starving children (hence they are evil).

      There's no better case of enforced morality than me being taxed to provide welfare. Yet, an enforced charity system doesn't work either, b/c it removes the moral responsibility (remember stealing for my children was MY MORAL DECISION, regardless of punishment) of caring for yourself and your children to those who "have" b/c you "have-not," the world's mistreated you, you've been given an "unfair" shake by not having a good enough IQ to be a doctor and you don't want to clean hotel rooms, and more WHINES, perpetuating the problem.

      I guarantee if some of those on welfare were given the choice of work or starve, they'd start working before starving and if they chose stealing before working, then they deserve the punishment they get. It is (should) not the problem of the person who HAS, until their morality makes it their problem.

    • "Are the financal leaders like our political leaders and have been dumbed down by PC crap/ lack of imagination/ lack of quaility education."

      --> I think the political "leaders" have been more "dumbed down" than the financial ones. The corruption is about equal though. Good grief, I'm thinking of moving to Ohio and running against that idiot Marcy Kaptur... I'd enjoy stirring up some things but would get annoyed by the "politics".


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      • yeah, I really fear for our country. I don't really care what party a person if from if that person showed some intelligence, fortitude, and a tendency for being unPC I would vote for them in a heart beat. Sadly all the canidates appear to be more of the same if not worse. Now I'm forced to vote for the less stupid of the two. We need to destroy the NEA if we have a chance of becoming a great nation again.

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