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  • unseennc unseennc Feb 5, 2008 2:36 PM Flag

    I blame the SEnate for the selloff

    I like Mike's fair tax idea, some of his other ideas are good too. McCain is just Bush the third. He is the status quo and that hasn't worked. hopefully Mike or Mitt can come out in fornt today. Mitt is possible choice also. I like Mitt's expercience as CEO in these troubling times is flipfloppy causes concern. Mike's tendency to get government invovled in social issues causes concerns but both are better than the rest. I hate picking the worse of two evils. When can we vote for someone instead of aganist the other guy? mcCain/Hillary and the muslim are non starters for me.

    I would rather have Fred still in the race but it was not to be.

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    • Actually this is the first time I have voted "for" someone (Huckabee) instead of against someone else, but I feel you. However, this will lead me to a tangled philosophical explanation.

      You see I'm very patriotic, love the USA and want it to be the biggest and best. I love our ideals, our freedoms, etc. However, I love my God and those ideals more. So, Huckabee's "get government involved in social issues" is not a concern b/c I tend to agree with him. I see wholeheartedly where/why is would be a concern to others.

      This is where it gets tricky. I don't think government should legislate morality (Christian based, Muslim based, Hindu based, etc). However, I do believe Christian ideals are best for our country to be the biggest and best. So, when my state offered a vote on "outlawing" gay marriage I voted for it b/c my Christianity trumped my political views.

      I am making any sense? I know to legislate something like gay marriage sets a bad precedent for legislating morality, but I honestly couldn't vote against a bill that was legislating "the right" (of course in my opinion) morality. We also shouldn't legislate health (non-smoking laws in public places). The reason we shouldn't is b/c one day I'll be in the minority and someone will legislate that no one can own a Bible or Christians can't gather together. I realize that, but my faith comes before everything else in my life...job, money, family, patriotism, political ideals, etc. So, when presented with the vote I can't vote against my faith.

      It's a horrible conundrum that is impossible to logically defend (faith is impossible to defend by its very definition), but sometimes I just want other people to realize some Christians do understand their political choices beyond "my pastor said so or my parents taught me this." I am admittedly not the most open-minded, educated or cultured person, but Christianity doesn't automatically mean a person is a dumb, simpleton.

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      • give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's and unto God what is God's. Is the veiw I live by. Marriage is for raising children in my view and thus should be protected for a man and woman. It is proven best place to raise a normal, reality adjusted child. thus the state has a basic need to regulate marriage. It also enables the transfer of generational wealth in a stable atmosphere. so I have no problems with voting to keep marriage for a man and woman. I abject to the government regulationg gambling, outlawing certain sexual acts between adults, health issues, seat belts, drinking/drug use (they can regulated what you do on the drugs/drinking like driving etc)etc..Abortion is the tricky one. I believe it is murder and should be outlawed, I think if you don't want a child don't have sex.

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