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  • flyerd1 flyerd1 Feb 6, 2008 3:15 AM Flag

    I blame the SEnate for the selloff

    "We have alot of infrastructure to rebuild, where are the bold plans to rebuild it?"

    --> Yep

    "We have alot of infrastructure to rebuild, where are the bold plans to rebuild it? We have a problem with energy where are the plans to produce more energy, to find, drill, pump more oil?"

    --> Where are the plans to produce, find, and set up more wind/solar farms as well as encourage more use of residential solar, wind, and geothermal? Actually, no matter who wins the election, I see more credits/incentives coming for increased research into green energy efficiency as well as for residential installation.

    We wouldn't need to worry so much about finding extra oil if we did a better job of conservation, expanding green energy production, and requiring higher efficiencies from cars/trucks (35-40/25-30), appliances, etc. Yes, it is doable. "Seriously"...

    "where is the leaders that can find $300 billion in waste, fraud and earmarks and start paying off the debt?"

    --> McCain is big on stopping pork spending. The Dem's will squeeze a lot of money from big oil. Some of which will simply be recouping royalties that should have been paid once oil exceeded a certain amount (I think it was $35?). Speaking of fraud: Just look at the royalty clauses that were always part of past oil drilling contracts but "mysteriously" (wink, wink, cash under the table) became absent from the current contracts. The carried interest loophole will be fixed as well. However, we will still have a difficult time getting to a balanced budget until we get out of Iraq.

    "where are the people who care about this country?"

    --> I actually believe there are a few candidates in this election. Any of the candidates will do a better job than GW.

    --> The national sales tax was brought up later in this thread. I hate that idea but I am for a flat tax.

    Politics, taxes, and green all in one (I noticed that religion is brought up later in the thread too). What's left?... lol

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    • We wouldn't need to worry so much about finding extra oil if we did a better job of conservation

      You do not grow your nation by conservation. Green energy I'm all for it but we also need to explore for more oil. We will be on oil for another decade or two at least. should we be dependent on outside forces during those 20 years. Look what that has done to this bull market already. We have alot of tools for energy we should use ALL sources.

      Sales tax is great as long as they get rid of the income,SS, and medicare taxes like the Fair tax proposes.

      As far as taxing oil companies we should be giving them more tax breaks IF they explore, drill and bring more oil onto the market. It will be a better stimulus that $600.00 from the sky.

      I personally don't like any of the canidates on the whole. each has some good points but the parts do not make up for the whole

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      • I never said "no drilling". I said we wouldn't need to worry "so much" about it. If conservation/green energy/better efficiencies were actually applied to a greater extent we would need very little (relatively) extra fuel to grow the nation because we would only be using 60% of what we currently do. The problem is that "most people" are too into "me, me, me" to be better at conservation. Those are the people that would use up a lift rafts 2wk food/water supply during the first 2 days. Unfortunately, in regard to energy use, we're in that life raft with them.

        Big oil can consider those "unpaid" royalties as pre-payment incentives. Not that they need any when they generate "Billions in profits" (not just earnings, "profits").

        As an aside: We're all screwed anyway because a large percentage of the people voting don't even know who the candidates are that they're voting for!... Jay Leno had a "jaywalking" segment where he showed pictures of the candidates to a dozen people. They had practically no idea who any of them were. One lady even guessed that Hillary was Kennedy's wife and she looked like an every day 30'something you'd see on any given day! It's truly pathetic...

    • social security

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