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  • kmemt29 kmemt29 Feb 22, 2008 9:46 AM Flag

    attacked at the open every single day

    like groundhog day.

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    • There have been plenty of worse stocks to be in the last two months- you should be counting your blessings that GME is only down 30% from its high. But you still could have seen the clues at 55+ that the stock more than doubled in a matter of months...entering a recession, that it was extremely overbought and ridiculously overvalued. There was no way it could have held.

      This is getting slightly less overvalued as it reaches 40 and would say it's a stronger Hold now than it was at 48-52. I still wouldn't add unless there's a big drop below 40 though.

    • Day traders see the pattern, and they short this puppy everyday at the open...

    • GOOD post!!!!

    • Fear mongering at its best... Maybe we should be worried about the end of the world in Dec 2012? Will it happen? I doubt it, but it's another bit of fear for you to use in the future.

    • I think people are jumping the gun "quite a bit" irt the online demise of the retail VG sales industry... There are still way too many people who don't even have access to high speed connections like dsl or cable. Satellite internet's disconnection problems, latency issues, and download limits will not work for large downloads either.

      It's at least 5-10 yrs before >80% of America is hi speed internet available. "Even with" high speed there's a broadband capacity issue that will also take yrs to resolve. Compression isn't the solution to bandwidth either because of the associated quality degradation inherent with compression. Another issue is the fact that "most" people like to be able to hold onto things they "own". 5-10 yrs and it could be an issue but not yet so GME should be just fine through at least 2012 (assuming the 2012 cataclysm does not occur).

    • And in a few months all of these peoples' used games will flood Gamestop. When they go buy hundreds of dollars of video games they'll foreclose on their house after missing their mortgage payments and have to sell them all back to GME for pennies just to put food on the table.

    • "I am least waiting until we all get our rebate checks from Uncle Sam. Where do you think all that free money is going to go? A large percentage of the population's first stop after cashing that check will be Gamestop."

      EXACTLY, I have previously posted that I have knowledge of a GME store that has been making sales hand over fist based on CASH from "rapid tax refunds" issued by filing thru HR Block. People are willing to pay HR Block a premium for a quick refund so that they can head on over to GME. HMMMMM!

    • This is a very interesting subject. I bought GME when it was at 33 before the split. I knew this would become a topic, but I didn't expect it so soon. Fact: All games (ALL Media) will eventually be downloadable. On XBOX Live you can download Game Demos and easily decide if you like a game. Most people know within the first 5 minutes of play. Next step is to download the full version. This will eventually be the case for all games on all systems. Outcome: No more Gamestop. This will not happen realistically until the next generation of consoles is released (At least a couple years). It all teaters now on how the street views GME. If GME continues to have outstanding quarters (which it will) I think the street won't be able to ignore it. That is why I am holding my shares until this market turns around. I believe GME has a couple (and probably just a couple)more outstanding runs. I am least waiting until we all get our rebate checks from Uncle Sam. Where do you think all that free money is going to go? A large percentage of the population's first stop after cashing that check will be Gamestop.

    • Exactly. Full games can take days to download even on the best internet connection. Do you have any idea how much data is in a video game? A PS3 game that uses the BluRay disc's full capacity takes up 50GB of data. Who wants to sit around waiting for that game to finish downloading?

    • Could not disagree more. Game downloads take forever and where do you store them? For how long? What happens when you're done playing - erase the game? Cant play it again if you do. What of you don't like the game? Erase it? Nope.

      Music downloads are successful because they take a short time to download and you typically have heard the song before. Not the same for video games....

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