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  • htfdwhalers07 htfdwhalers07 Mar 18, 2008 11:46 AM Flag

    question-why isnt it moving?

    I apologize if this is a naive investor, bought on Friday when i heard earnings were coming....the results are excellent, but yet the stock is actually DOWN since I bought it on Friday (48.20)....why isn't it flying today? When might we expect it to move?

    i apologize again if this in an ignorant question...

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    • Unfortunately those reasons you are giving are not more than 5% of the reason the stock is moving. Why do I say "unfortunately"? Because when people who believe that those "are" reasons for the rise will use that false assumption in the future with the opposite results. The "main" reason the stock is moving involves the overall mkt having a bit of improvement in the "overall mkt sentiment" I spoke of in previous posts. That, the general up mkt today, and the p/e adjustment based on the now current TTM and fwd eps estimates is responsible for the majority of the move.

      There are plenty of examples of co's (including GME) that had great ern's and did the "exact opposite" in the face of the reasoning you gave for it going up. I hope you figure that out before you get burned...

    • almost got that 10% next monday we will be there

    • well i watch earnings and stocks after earnings and usually good earnings gives the stock a runup and the follow day it drops and after that it steadily moves up and a stock witht this much growth potential and a start of a new week will bring upgrades you cannot downgrade a stock with this much growth this is up tomorrow and up BIG next week

    • <<Any particular reason you think tomorrow has upside?>>

      -->It's Thursday?...
      -->S&P500 shorts may cover going into long weekend?
      -->A downgrade (since it went "down" on the great "upgrade" today)?
      -->A buyout?
      -->Options expiration?
      -->Better than expected Initial Claims?
      -->Surprise VG release announcements?

      How about reasons why it might go down?
      -->It's Thursday?...
      -->Because shorts (with puts) may start rotating their positions to April?
      -->Worse than expected Initial Claims?
      -->Surprise VG delay announcements?
      -->Because it closed near the day's lows and the main daily volume occurred as the price fell?

      I'm "not" attempting to rain on anyone's "fun". So what's the point then? I'm just making the simple point that trying to guess day-to-day price movement is a coin toss at best and it seems like some people are trying to do just that...

      GITA (Good Investing To All)!!!

    • Again, I like your thinking. I sold some early today over $49...but added more at the close at the lows for the day. I am very comfortable with owning GME at these levels and look forward to next week and beyond.

      Other than the Citi upgrade, I haven't seen any others yet, have you? I am going to check some sources and I will post what I can find.

      Any particular reason you think tomorrow has upside (other than the roller coaster pattern of the market recently)?

    • this is awesome pullback today as expect after an incredible day yesterday look for a decent upward movement tomorrow and upgrades next week moving into the 50's add more at this level wont see it again

    • kraepple16, thanks for the response. After listening to the conference call -- in particular the questions and comments by the analysts during the Q&A, I would be surprised if we don't see higher targets/upgrades today or tomorrow....which could be a positive catalyst. It was an unusual CC in that the tone was so overwhelmingly positive. Good luck! Hope you go "2 for 2" with your 10% prediction by next week

    • You'll most likely look back and think "I should've quit the short term "preditions" while I was ahead... Good luck though. Seriously.


    • after market trading this stock finished at 48.50 pretty close to my predition of 48.50 haha anyways nothing big tomorrow not more than a dollar either way at close and certainly nothing to panic during midday trading if i didnt have such an addiction to watching the market i wouldnt even bother looking at this tomorrow but i would expect a 10% gain easy by next monday or early tuesday

    • <<geez, I guess your right. what was i thinking?>>

      --> I don't know, that's why I asked. On one page anyone could read his/her "entire post" AND your "entire post" (which "repeated" his/her "entire" post). It's great that you feel like being cheerful but why refer/link/and "Re-post" all at the same time? A simple congrats post linked to his/her post would be sufficient...

      <<on the other hand, I gleamed 'zero' value from your sour message.>>

      --> Try reading it again and you might get the point.



      P.S. The options theories being thrown around are (for the most part) bogus but feel free to believe in them. That's not for you because you'll probably gleam 'zero' from it. That's ok though. Different strokes for different folks...

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