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  • kraepple16 kraepple16 Mar 20, 2008 3:23 PM Flag

    were back over 50

    were back over 50 lets see if it can hold

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    • not for long!!!!

    • i checked out ATVI and i mean i cant see that losing you any money but if i was going to hold something like that will grow but not have HUGE gains basically an investment i would rather own NKE, nike grows every quater my dad owns NKE and he makes a killin on it he just kinda puts his money in and watches it go hes made ALOT of money in it and last week it reported earnings and jumped 8.3% its a hell of a company and if i was looking to invest i would go after NKE rather thn ATVI

    • i would sell only some if i had to cash to sell only some but im only 19 i dont move that much at once so its hard to take only half my positon i am looking at AEHR right now looking to get in today and trade out tomorrow if GME comes back under 50 again though i would be stupid to not get back in good luck to everyone

    • Taking profit is ok, but consider selling a portion of your shares and not all. For two years, I have been in and out of GME over 40 times, and have made nice profits. Currently triple weight, and may sell one-third soon, but I really think this is going quite a bit higher if the general market stays where it is or goes up during April. Long positions and trading positions in the same stock has worked well for me for many years.

    • kraepple, good for you, congrats. this has been a welcomed run. I also agree there is more upside. I also think we will get another opportunity to acquire more shares cheaper....once the market decides to take all stocks down -- as wel all know this will not be a straight line up.

      Between GME and the good news yesterday for XM-SIRI (I own both) things are looking up.

      From a consumer-related pin action point of view, take a look at ATVI (I am looking to buy) and NCMI (currently own). Look forward to your thoughts!

      Maybe I should change my handle to 'spammer'??? that is so funny!

    • i sold my shares today no doubt this stock still has a ton of potential but i dont see this gaining as fast anymore as i would prefer so i move on take my 15% gains and look for another stock about to run

      good luck to all

    • Since we can't seem to get rid of these spammers that keep stinking up the board the ignore button seems "more than" appropriate. What a waste of my time reading their crap has been. Here's looking fwd to a cleaned up board with less trash...


    • hey kraepple, you are 3 FOR 3!!!
      another great call!!!!
      you are still a stock God in my book!!!

      not that i am counting, but the stock has gone up a total 10 points, intraday, on those 3 days in concert with your predictions!!!

      I sold 1/2 of my remaining shares into today's strength.

      (oh think what-his-face is going to wade in and start complaining again about our discussions again???)

      at any rate, best wishes and continued success!

    • there you go theres your 10%

    • <"...such a bitch...shut the hell up">

      --> LOL. There's another trait you and your friend share. People who need to swear a lot are generally showing a lack of "many things" so you might take note of what your particular deficiencies are...

      <"i state my reasons for being in this stock">

      --> Exactly and I was simply showing you why you were misguided. The reasons you gave were simply the favorite reasons that "some" people like to give and that "can be" correct in some mkts. Using those same reasons in this mkt is simply wrong (even if the stock went up). I was simply pointing out that people should learn to tell the difference and apparently you have not learned that yet. There's no need to get upset when someone explains something to you iot correct your thought process...

      <"you have yet to include any useful info since ive seen you posting">

      --> ROFLOL. Apparently you're not too perceptive. You need to go back and re-read my posts then because they provided much more "useful" information than anything the two of you have said. Try a reading for comprehension class.

      <"you clown">

      --> LOL. Oh, I'm hurt krae... ;-)
      <"Ahem, kraepple, ahem">

      --> Apparently you're trying to clear your throat of kraepple?...

      <"Analysts are rarely up to date" -- What an arrogant comment.">

      --> Arrogant? Perhaps. True? Definitely.

      <"Unless you have years of WS experience, are meeting with CEOS/CFOs on a regular basis and have a few degrees from Havard and the Wharton School of Business on your resme">

      --> What an idiotic and elitist thing to say (it's Harvard btw). There are numerous other business schools that provide the exact same training as any "high profile" school. BTW, there are plenty of people with good "looking" resumes who are complete idiots outside of school (if you've been out much you should've seen them). Likewise, many bright people go on to be wildly successful with little or no college at all. To infer that you can tell the quality of a person's talent simply by the name of their college is quite simplistic and simple minded. School simply refines whatever intelligence already exists. We all know that even an idiot like Bush can get a degree from a high profile college... I'd take a certain University of Wisconsin-Superior grad (and current Governor) over Bush if it was possible.

      <"guy on the Yahoo message board who has a cartoon picture of himself in shorts with a surfboard.">

      --> You see, that's a big part of your problem...your not very "perceptive". It's a "snowboard" on a "Mountain" with a "ski lift". No, you should listen to "the a guy on the Yahoo message board" who has no picture at all (like you) yet you still characterize as "a GOD"... Good grief... LOL

      <"Any by the way, if all stock price movements were determined by just number crunching and PEs, then both SIRI and XM would be "0" right now">

      --> You're showing lack of comprehension again because I never said all stock price movement is determined by valuations. In fact, I gave numerous recent posts explaining why valuations have not had little to do with GME's stock during the mkt's fairly recent turmoil. IRT SIRI, I recommended a spec play of buying the Jan09' $2.50 calls for $1 about a yr ago. If the stock moves 40% that'll be a 100% return on the option trade.

      <"thanks alanr. it takes all kinds of people, as well as stocks, to make a market.">

      --> Yes, thanks alan.

      Happy Easter my friends.


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