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  • unseennc unseennc Jun 6, 2008 10:04 AM Flag

    Well so much for the rally yesterday

    gone. all wiped out. but you know oil doesn't matter. yeah right. Until the democratic Congress gets off their ass and starts drilling in this country we are toast as an economy.

    evertime you fill up you gas tanks thanks the democrats for the privilage. Idiots want to elect more of these idiots. god help us.

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    • "you can bring peace by law and order."

      Do you mean peace or repression? If you force people into believing they are free, then they are far from being free. And if they are relatively peaceful because they are forced, then there will always be unrest. Remember, it will take a long time to brainwash them into believing they're free, just as it did Americans.

    • And Baghdad is a city ruled by...


      I think I see a pattern here, too.

    • I'm just repeating what Dumbo said his plan was. Win in Iraq and bring the troops home. He never mentioned winning in Iraq and then staying forever.

      You're saying he was lying?

    • In that case the United States can't even impose its will on Washington, D.C.

      another city ruled by Dems. Hmm think I see a pattern here. Nothing like taking guns away from lawful citizens to drive up crime.

    • "As far as imposing your will. It's called law and order."

      In that case the United States can't even impose its will on Washington, D.C.

    • sorry your right. It was Bigdick that said that. your views sound so much alike it's hard to tell at times.

      So we never won in germany? because you know the troops are still there. and we never won in Japan because you know the troops are still there, and we never won in Italy or Kuwait etc.

    • We've had control of the area of Iraq since May of 2003

      No we have not. We toppled the government. we did not control the area. the militias and terrorist controlled large sections of Iraq up until the surge started pushing them out of there areas. The taking of Basra and sadr city by the Iraqi army in the last month and Mosul to the north have gone a long way to controlling the area.

      72% of the people do not agree with you. Most Americans would be fine with the war as long as we are winning. If they think it is a lost cause they want out. thus the defeatism from top dems in Congress.

      As far as imposing your will. It's called law and order. Be that the Iraqi government enforcing it or the US military. Once you control the area you can bring peace by law and order.

    • "you have already stated you want you country to lose and to crash"

      No, I haven't. You're a liar.

      "so of course you will never admit winning in Iraq so what is the sense in this discussion."

      I assume that if we had "won" in Iraq the troops would be home. That is the plan, right? Bring the troops home after we've "won?" Okay, then. I'll make you a deal. As soon as the troops are home I'll admit "winning in Iraq." Of course you do realize the troops are not leaving Iraq in your lifetime or mine. Right?

      "You can not understand facts because of your blinders."

      You mean I'm "diluted," right?

      "You have stated you want those anti-american forces to win"

      No, I haven't. You're a liar.

    • "Of course controlling an area is winning the war. Once you have control you can impose your will."

      We've had control of the area of Iraq since May of 2003.

      Impose your will on WHOM? Impose your will on the people who "welcomed us as liberators?" You don't even know who the hell you're FIGHTING.

      "But your anti-american views would like to see that day wouldn't it."

      28% of the American people agree with you. 72% agree with me. Do the math before you tell me who's anti-American.

    • "By the way, assuming someone really DID want to surrender in Iraq, to whom would they surrender? You idiots can't even DEFINE the enemy, let alone DEFEAT the enemy."

      You are damn right!! We don't know if we are fighting Insurgents, Fundamentalists, Iranians or Bin Laden's cronies. Who the F**k really knows?

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