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  • platytale platytale Jun 30, 2008 12:04 PM Flag

    clearly its qtr end retail selling and GME got caught

    I view it as an opportunity, and will add thru out the day

    GME is not having problems

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    • Well - if the dems win this fall, then I'm out of the market for a long long time. I don't think that's going to happen, though.

    • national avg price of gas.

      what's the avg salary in your neck of the woods compared to say the avg salary in a place like ohio, NC, PA, WV, Iw or LA?

    • yes. I have always said the GME is a great company and I still think it should be much higher. But reality is saying it is caught in the rest of the market selloff. a long term holder would be ok buying at these prices but IMO we still can see another 10-20% selloff before all those that have a profit in GME leave the market.

      There are not many traders and investors that can remember the way the market, ecomoy, and voters behaved 30 years ago during the last round of stagflation. things can and will get a lot worse if history is any guide.

      We are just starting into a recession caused by high gas prices. It may be a long time before we get out of it. esp if the dems refuse to drill for more oil.

    • "If gas goes to $4.50-$5.00 watch out. "

      Watch out for what? Where do you live? I live in san mateo (bay area) and I have been paying $4.56 at 76 for some time now. Shell even more expensive @$5.22 but the station looks empty most of the time. Most chevron/valero already charge around $4.70

    • Yes, but GME can still benefit from that.

    • Can you believe that you can own this stock for 17X earnings for the current year? ($2.38 X 17 = $40.46)If I told you six months ago that GME's PE would be 17, you would all tell me to go back to the crack I was smoking. If it goes to 35, as some predict, this company, which will easily beat the $2.38 consensus estimate this year (I predict $2.61) will be trading at under 15X earnings for this fiscal year and under 12X earnings for next fiscal year. Utterly silly. Pure manipulation. I hope it falls to 35 so I can retire by next December when it is at 70.

    • So right, sorbet. This company has the whole sector locked up. Inflation, recession, oil prices - none of them has a thing to do with video game sales. Watch the blow-out earnings (which they ALWAYS deliver) bring us to $62.

      If I had more money, I'd be buying lots more here. I've seen this same thing happend at least 4 times in the last year or so - and ended up with a 10 bagger (or more) each time.

    • I've been in GME for a couple of years now. This kind of action makes me laugh out loud - it's time to load the boat! I've added almost as much as I want to today - may get one more chunk if it dips any further. Look for 60 by September. This company is a cash machine!

    • $40.00 is a very big support level. If we fall below $40.00 the next support is around $35.00ish. remember the market looks 6 months out. that 6months is not a pretty picture. Gas looks like it wants to go UP not down. If gas goes to $4.50-$5.00 watch out. Then you have heating oil to start paying attention too. If we get a cold fall which the sun spot activity is telling you we will and a cold winter then the entire Northeast will be paying double or triple what they paid last year to keep from freezing to death.

      the marcoeconomic and macro retail outlook is not good. While I agree GMe is a great company in a great expanding sector (video games) it CAN NOT FIGHT THE TAPE. any rallies will be shorted until gas goes back to $3.00-$3.50ish

    • Someone must be optomistic, with the pps at 41.02 a Jan 55 call is showing a bid/ask of 1.50/1.65.

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