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  • unseennc unseennc Jul 3, 2008 5:06 PM Flag

    General Motors had a 25% swing in 2 days

    Yeah you must have missed how DEM CLinton signed NAFTA and started the flood of jobs being outsourced first to mexico and then to china and india.

    You must have missed how the poor's income in this country has gone up 20% in that time frame.

    You must have also missed 9/11 and the hit that did to our economy and the effort the gov took to bring our economy roaring back.

    You also must have missed how the erupoeans have elected friendly AMerican governments. how the french did away with its anti-american gov, how the new labour in the UK with its anti-america crap is polling at the lows of its history, how the middle east is coming in and bailing our banks out. etc

    As far as individuals rights and freedoms name one American Citizen that has had his rights abused by Bush?

    As far as morals you must have just missed the bribe in the form of loans that the democratic senators took. or how about the "most ethical congress ever" pelosi that will not even speak up against Jerrfoson with the thousands of cash found in is freezer. Or against Murtha who called our marines "cold bloodied murderers" and has not apolized after all marines were cleared in court. Or how about Harry "the war is lost" oil makes us sick" Reid that was wrong on the war and will be proven wrong on oil.

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