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  • mattewaaronz mattewaaronz Jul 12, 2008 9:13 AM Flag


    Any thoughts on what the future holds for those entities?

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    • got to 30.81 I think.

    • Just be thankful that you got to trade some good markets. I've only been trading for a little over a year. What a market to start with huh? It's like learning ti swim in a 100 feet of water.

    • Did the VIX spike this morn? How high did it get?

    • on 5/19 when oil jumped the shark I said the market was trading on oil now. since oil is trading on emotion you view that it is trading on fear is not wrong. Just now the emotion is fear. If the emotion changes to greed watchout.

      the reason I took everything out of the market and the reason you are having a hard time making money is that you can not predict emotion. One day fear, one day greed or maybe not just as much fear as the day before. I choose to sit out the market. I am still mostly out just placed part of my cash to work on Fri thinking from a technicial standpoint we are do for a bear market rally. The fear will return as long as gas stays at these high levels and housing continues to sink

    • This is by far the hardest it's ever been for me to make money in the stock market, but I've only been trading for about 7 years... After 9/11 you could throw a dart and hit a 5 bagger, but now days fundamentals don't seem to matter and everything is trading on fear.. Wait a tick (Austin Powers lol). This sounds kind of familiar right? After 9/11 stocks were trading based on a tremendous amount of fear and it turned out to be the best time to buy stocks in a long time. I think this situation may be quite similar and 6 months from now people will be kicking themselves if they never bought the fear..

      The market is priced as if the end is near.. If it's not, then prepare for a substantial rally IMO. I'm still very cautious, because the middle-east is one nasty wild card..

    • economic warfare is alive and well. looks like we had capitulation this morning. I mean how much worse can the news get in the short term. We know 150-300 banks are going to fail, we know retail sales have fallen off the cliff, we know housing is in the tankuntil 2009, we know that the banks are going to have major righ downs. we know the dollar is going to be weak, etc.. I think most of the present bad news is priced in. We didn't get the massive selloff down to $35.00 I was expecting but we did form a tradeable bottom in GME for now. what the next week brings? who knows but I think it is safe to come up for a little while as the eye of the storm passes over us.

      fingers crossed

    • I didn't realize, but I think that's why my trade took off like a rocket this morning. Right as I made the purchase this morning oil was starting to fall off a cliff. I'm glad I might actually have luck on my side on this trade :)

      Sadly, oil doesn't like to stay down for long, because some middle-eastern BS will happen and oil will be making a new record again.. I'm serious on every downward spike they've done something to boost prices whether it be Iran testing missiles, or Turkish rebels blowing up a pipeline somewhere.

    • I had to walk away from the computer for a few hours because I was getting dizzy. VERY pleased at what I'm seeing today :)

      The only way that trade would have been sweeter was if I bought when GME was down below 39! I got it right as it crossed over 40 and was nearing green. I don't plan on selling real soon, but I'll probably try to trade the position a little bit if we get a big pop.

    • looks like a reversal forming. 200 pts swing. techi=nical rally here we come.
      fingers crossed

    • Oil is selling off a bit. Lets hope this continues. GME is on fire!!!

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