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  • wbuffettman wbuffettman Jul 18, 2008 3:16 PM Flag

    BBY trades at 40% of sales

    GME 110% of sales....nuf said.

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    • Notice the guy didn't even try to say if my points were wrong or right. Either he doesn't know or can't admit he's wrong. Either way, complete waste of time I suggest everyone ignore the guy. I've seen many like him on these boards and he is just one of the many lemmings with an opinion and that's all. No knowledge.

    • 50 years and you never learned how to give reasons for your beliefs i.e. debate a point.

      You are a waste of time and are on ignore.

      I like to hear the opposite viewpoint, but only if they have good points. You sir, have none.


    • you guys are just in love with this stock b/c you love video games. GME better beat numbers or you lose your arse. I like my position.

    • Yes they are a retailer and as someone here pointed out that is usually why they trade down with the rest of retail, which is simply an unfortunate misunderstanding of those selling the stock and shorting it. Yes they will make money as the stock falls and that really is all that matters. But when the results are posted, this stock should be heading much higher.

      They sell the wares of the only sector that is still growing and exceptionally well at that. Look at the NPD report. I'll say it again. Software is where the profits lie and that was the biggest piece of the NPD pie and it was also the fastest growing piece. Not to mention an even more profitable business for game, the used business.

      Check out BBY, even when they post disappointing results, what is consistently one of their pockets of strength at both the top and bottom line? I'll give you a hint, video games. It's all the other stuff they sell that brings them down. This is what makes games different from them and other retailers, rendering comparisons fairly useless.

    • Are you seriously that dense? Can you not see a a single difference between those other retailers and Gamestop?

      The fact that those companies you mentioned and GME are retailers is as far as the similarities go! And thanks for proving my point about your Zero substance and your inability to elaborate on ANYTHING, or the ability to answer my questions...

      I really feel like it is a waste of time explaining the huge differences to you, as I am pretty sure you will write 5 words that are yet again easy to prove wrong and have nothing to back it up but your unfounded opinion (i.e. you have no reasons for your beliefs).

      But here goes in case you are truly capable of learning things from someone half your age.

      A list of differences:

      1) GME does not sell anything but VG consoles, video games, and VG accessories. Those other retailers are all selling things that ARE actually being effected by the consumer slowdown and Gamestop is NOT.

      2) GME's earnings are rising rapidly and have not been effected by the consumer slowdown while virtually all other retailers have.

      3) As far as I know not a single other retailer is growing as rapidly as GME is right now (75% yoy). Feel free to give a list of retailers growing anywhere near that fast.

      4) You pointed out those retailers [you mentioned] consistently miss earnings, while if you are a "real" investor you might notice the opposite is the case with GME, since they have a habit of beating estimates that are sky high growth rates.

      5) Other retailers are growing around 30% yoy while GME is growing 75% yoy. As I pointed out earlier GME is growing about 250% faster than the industry ave., which seems to single handedly make your, " last I looked GME was a retailer" comment look silly at best.

      I'm done for now, but will probably add a bunch more later.

      I can tell you never passed a college essay with your lack of substance. F for effort. D- for valid points. If you can't have a serious conversation I'll just ignore you and go on. But at least try to elaborate it's good for the mind and will help you be correct more often. Anyone can have an opinion, it's the reasons for the opinion that make it worth something.

    • some retailers are doing better than others, walmart and GMe are two such.

    • I've been long, on and off for 2 years and have done very well, too. Guess there's enough to go around with GME. Hard to make money on a short position if the stock never runs up the way GME does.

      Last time I sold GME I made $18 per share. This time looking to make at least $15.

      Looking one year out in this market is foolish, IMO.

    • 23x trailing eps is cheap? Forget forward pe in this economy.

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      • Your post proves you know very little about valuing a company.

        P/E cannot be looked at without factoring in growth. You think all companies with a P/E of less than 10 are cheap? WRONG!

        23x trailing earnings is very cheap for a company growing as fast as GME.

        >>Forget forward pe in this economy.<<

        That doesn't even make sense... Can you explain what you mean? Earnings growth is always a major part of valuing a company regardless of the economy...

    • BBY doesn't specialize in the VG industry and thus, they are not growing anywhere near as fast as GME (i.e. they have a lot of other products for sale that are actually feeling the consumer slowdown unlike the VG industry)..

      Very lame attempt to say the stock is overvalued IMO. GME trades below .9 P/S which is amazingly low for a company growing earnings 100% or more yoy this quarter (and last). Also, the P/E is very low as well.

    • GME can make 300% + profit on five year old software for last generation. Profit matters more than sales in this stock, GME owns the used software business.

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