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  • wbuffettman wbuffettman Aug 25, 2008 2:39 PM Flag

    That was it guys

    rally over. Looking to get short soon.

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    • I was making the point that I am far making a fortune at this point but I am holding in for the long-term so you understand my perspective when I give my opinion..

      See, instead of always telling everyone how right I am like some people do, I can't admit I am human..

      I wish I had a crystal ball like you do...

    • nice round trip dude

    • GME GAMESTOP COR... GAMESTOP CORP CL A NEW 4,500 $42.861 -0.40 $192,870.00 -$1,800.00

      GME GAMESTOP COR... GAMESTOP CORP CL A NEW 1,200 $42.881 -0.38 $51,456.00 -$456.00

      Those are my shares in two different accts I have. I cannot stand the bullsh*tters like Wbuffetman out here.

    • I have 5700 shares long accumulated between $42-$44 in the past month that I will sell above $50 in the coming months. Long term I worry about the cycle and growth story, but for the next few months we should get a big boost. I trade a few thousand shares on the side when we get big dumps to make some easy quick money.

    • M3 holds there value very well. Also Its a 2001, a geat car and I bought it from some rich guy guy for 12,000 and fixed it up. I could sell it for 20 right now. I love the car. It handles great goes 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and black with tinted windows. Girls stay checkin me out in it. Its not my fault you driving a buick. I don't understand why people spend 20,000 on a brand new civic when you could get a nice luxury car that you actually are happy and proud to drive.
      Overpriced if you are buying new.
      If you looked at what I was responding too then you would understand I was only responding because he was calling me a poor man.
      Im not a intellegent invester. Ive lost a bunch of money. I made some back with GME and once again regreting my instict to sell on friday when the market was up 220 or whatever...
      I plan on using my money to buy two, 2 family houses and living in one side of them untill I have children.
      I dont make a lot of income. I make like 25 something a hour Just got lucky with mastercard and now have a good down payment.
      I have 200 in cd's and Im trying to make money with the originally 25 thousand now barely 20.
      Theres my life story bud.

    • moshito...just b/c you post transactions on here and avg cost basis, doesn't make it true....furthermore, who cares what you paid?

    • Actually, it is about 40% of my portfolio.. but I am still a risky investor as I am in my mid-30's.

      It is all risk and reward. And I think the downside is rather limited unless some big news comes out. But I think the upside is unlimited. I have been a core gamer for years...there are really 4 big retailers in this industry that matter, WM, TGT, BB, and GME. WM and TGT are never going to make an impact in GME's business because they operate VG within their format (i.e. glass cases, knowledgable staff, no USEED, no pre-sell, etc..).. BB is the biggest threat, but again they have to balance their other categories and overall electronics format.... they are also opening stores at a much slower pace than GME and the economy is not helping that.

      I really believe this market is on the verge of letting GME run away with it. Do you know how many consumer have not been exposed to GME?

      I also don't belive they will every stop USED sales.. legally it is a problem.

      I also have trailing stops in at 8% and I will let it sell out if it got crushed and try to buy back lower.... but my avg cost is around $41 so 8% would mean we hit $37ish... before that happens.

    • 10k shares. That's a lot of eggs to have in one basket. Is that less than 20% of your portfolio?

    • I drive a 100,000 mile + Yukon that was paid for on Day 1.

      I guess I am a lousy investor and poor since a car is the measure of wealth these days...

    • I'll start. I have acculmulated about 10k share over the past year.. some at $46, some att $42, and I got about 50% at $39 and change. Average is around $41 cost basis.

      I am a long term believer in this industry and company... and although I don't favor a long-term buy and hold strategy in general, I do belive GME will cross the $65 per share threshold in the next 12-18 months easy.

      And I think this is pretty safe investment. I am not trying to trade options or guess the short-term volatility of this stock (or any stock) in this crazy market.

      Maybe I am wrong, but at least each time I post you know I am coming at you from a LONG perspective with an ACCUMLATE mindset with a 12-18 month window.

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