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  • csaia2003 csaia2003 Sep 30, 2008 9:50 AM Flag

    Reiterate 25-30 by Christmas

    I hate to say it (since I am long GME), but this guy is probably spot on. GME management obviously does not care about common shareholders. If they did, they would show support for the stock buy buying some shares (How about it upper management?) When's the last time they bought any? Share buy back? Press releases reiterating guidance? Anything? If the market can bounce as high as it did this morning and this thing sells off within the span of a minute, can't even hold a slight bounce for that long, it doesn;t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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    • Those aren't actually fair statements. The tidal wave of selling caused by fear (especially irt massive mutual fund redemptions) is basically impossible to hold back/. It doesn't matter "what" a company says in a tidal wave like we have occurring right now. How many of the other companies are getting "any" success by doing the things you listed? Answer: An "extremely" small % of the traded stocks...

      If he's right it "will not" be due to anything GME specific. It will be due to the S&P/DOW/Nasdaq being around 1000/9000/1700 respectfully...

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      • I'm talking about the performance of the stock over the past year, not just Depression 2. Ever since it tanked for the first time on blowout earnings about a year ago, it's been a tough stock ever since. It couldn't even hold much of a mild, extremely brief 2.3% bounce this morning. Most other stocks are still holding much of their bounce this morning while we're barely holding green by our fingernails. Don't get me wrong, I am holding onto my shares. I'm just not enjoying this.

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