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  • unseennc unseennc Oct 7, 2008 4:47 PM Flag

    the Obama selloff contiues.

    The higher BHO gets in the polls the more selling on the street. at this rate my DOW 7,000 prediction could come before january. A Vote for Obama is a vote to be poor with only a few party members wealthy. communism at its finest.

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    • point taken.

    • bush is no conservative I agree with you on that. As far as Iraq. Let's just say we need to win it since we are there.

      Obama said last night he wants to start more wars for moral reasons even if they have nothing to do with our natioanl security. Like in dafur, Rawanda, etc It is amazin gthat those that don't like Iraq are all for going into other countries for "human rights" issues. Afganistian has destroyed more armies than any other country in history. and invading Pakistian is beyond stupid.

    • Regulation is what started this mess. Companies were regulated into giving out bad loans.. Competent management can always do what is right regardless of any regulations, unless those regulations cause them to take bad loans as all banks have been forced to do thanks to the Clinton administration.

    • Yes I am worried about freedoms. I do think one of governments function is to ensure a fair market. like laws against insider trading, anti-trust laws. At the very least if the gov is not going to regulate the industry they should not be backing it up with taxpayer money. I think the gov should protect the fudicary interests of parties involved.

    • Bush is not like most conservatives IMO. There is always a bad apple and sadly he got elected 8 years ago.. At least he opened my eyes to the fact that power to the people through voting is a scam. I didn't vote to fight a war in Iraq; a place that had nothing to do with 9/11. True, there are a lot of evil people there, but we started an unprovoked war that is costing us trillions.

    • Or better yet, a company with $5 trillion in home loans should be allowed to boom and bust. Problem is with some (most?) Republicans is they want deregulation until things go to crap. I say no way. Let the market looks like it's going to anyway unless the government shuts down the market like Russia (I think it was Russia) did.

      People don't realize what scary times we live in and I'm not talking about financial. I'm talking about freedoms.

    • I can go along with a vote the bums out all 535 of the idiots.

    • Wait you using facts instead of hope and change? these people on this board wouldn't know the truth if it hit them over the head. I hope you change your mind and vote. there is a difference. even if you don't vote fro president consider voting the bums in congress out.

    • Wow nothing to say, but rated 2 stars.

      If you disagree and can't formulate a response/thought for WHY, then maybe you should consider the possibility that you are WRONG to believe it wasn't the dems who started this?

      I don't like either candidate, but let's at least try to be realistic about which party is screwing us in which way.

    • cont:

      History also shows that the only way to posperity is thru the free market with winners and losers. sure the gov can limt some of the wins and losses but they can not control it.
      So brainwashed? Please. Your talk of evil corparations evil conservatives sounds more like brainwashing to me. The liberals are not evil per say they are just flat out wrong. Government is not the answer. Read Thomas Paine, George Washinton, John adams, Thomas Jefferson, Monroe, Franklin and others of that time. Read why this country was founded, understand what has made this country the superpower of the world, what freedom has done to this economy, this special country. Read about the great experiment of those great men. Read the founding documents. Do they teach nothing in schools anymore put PC crap? no ownder most investors on these boards can't find their as*

      Read about the terrors of the middle ages, the horrors of communism, the deaths, the tens of millions destroyed by facism. Read the history of the Roman Republic and how it fell to Ceaser's pride. Read about what happens in the vauccum of strong leadership to the rest of the world. read about the thousands of years of human history for the quest for freedom. The good and bad of that freedom. read the bible, the Old testament, the Koran and understand where morals come from and the teachings of each. Read about budda and his teachings. Did it every in occcur in your wildest dreams that I speak different from most people because I have read more than most? No you assume you are smarter and thus can not understand my views. That could be because I am uneducated or it could be I am more educated than you. History tells you what works and what doesn't. read up on it.

      as far as it not mattering which canidate gets elected. Tell that to the German people when they elected hitler. Tell that to the Cuban people when they thru their will behind Castro. Or those that voted for Chevez for the one and only time. Of course elections matter. You have two people and two different views on where they want to take the country. One wants to take it towards freedom one towards socialism. Of course the election matters. to believe otherwise is beyond stupid and juvilnile.

      does anyone think that the country would be the same uder Bush as say under Gore? or Kerry? Would it be better or worse? I don't know but It would be a totally different country at the moment.

      Elections matter. I can see how with you living in the socialist capital of the USA you would think nothing matters but voting in the rest of the country actually matters to a large degree. CA sold its soul to the socialists and now they are paying the bill.
      I will always choose freedom over socialism. and in this election that means I chooose McCain over Obama.

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