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  • unseennc unseennc Oct 16, 2008 1:18 PM Flag

    Joe the plumber gets it.

    wake up people. We will know more about Joe the plumber than Obam come Nov 4. Watch the MSM tear this man down like they did to Gov Palin., Joe the plumber doing the job the MSM refuse to do.

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    • If McCain's doctors did not say he was fine, if his mother is not 90 and spry as a spring chicken then you may have a point. However since McCain comes from a long line of long lived people, since McCain has been able to keep up on the campaign trail with a 47 year old I have no problems with his age. In Fact his age and experience are a plus. wisdom and experience is never something to be ignored (isn't that why Obama picked Biden) How's that working out. Biden has made more mistakes on the trail than Gov Palin could ever do. Some of biuden whoopers: Three letter word JOBS, stand up chuck to a man in a wheelchair, If Obama is elected USA will be tested by our enemies within 6 months, we and the french kicked hezzbolah out of Lebenon, the list goes on and on.

      Palin gaffes? Hmm none

      And if McCain should die Gov Palin is more qualified than Obama to hold the position.

      So you would rather vote for a socialist than vote for a person because he is old? that makes as much sense like I said to not vote for Obama because he is black. Sexism, ageism and racism have no place in America.

    • "first of all not backing McCain because of his age is like not backing Obama because he is black."

      Really? People die from old age, not because of the color of their skin. That's a very strange comment from you.

      To deny the very real possibility that McCain's VP will be asked to step up is being naive. More so than most Presidential campaigns you need to be confident in both names on the ticket being President, instead of just the first name. I'm not even remotely confident in Palin as President. If you are, that's fine. I'm not going to type thousands of words trying to change your mind, and I encourage you not to do likewise.

    • McCain as a career politician will not change. He voted for >90% of the bills during the disastrous Bush II presidency in the past 8 years. If elected, McCain will serve as Republican Bush III to drive this country to complete bankruptcy by serving ONLY THE WEALTHY financially and militarily. You can see that from the presidential debates.

      McCain said he would freeze all spending EXCEPT defense & veteran benefits, and continue fighting the Iraq war until our troop can come home with victory. TRANSLATION:

      -- War-related spending may continue going up (if not skyrocketing) after having skyrocketed over the past 8 years.
      -- No plan for ending the >5 year long Iraq war (for WMD that didn't exit) that is still costing America 10 billion a month, on top of the $700B cost incurred already.

      At the same time, McCain will give 'the wealthy only' $300 billion tax cut by extending the $100B given by Bush II and adding another $200B. Remember what the wealthy did with the $100B tax cut by Bush II?

      They invested overseas and outsourced jobs to Asia (most blue-collar jobs to China and white-collar jobs to India). More tax cut for the multinationals would further fund/accelerate job outsourcing, to maximize profits at all costs to the people and benefit only small interest groups in the countries involved.

      Over the past 20 years, we've had one recession per Republican/Bush term. On the contrast, Democratic has a track record for doing better with economy. We are in need of Democratic nationalism, the TRUE PATRIOTISM, instead of Republican internationalism, especially after the disastrous 8-year Bush II presidency.

      As I suggested before, vote for Republican McCain if you are happy with Bush, otherwise VOTE FOR DEMOCRATIC OBAMA FOR CHANGE. For more information, see "Re: the end of the golden age in America" linked below.

    • first of all not backing McCain because of his age is like not backing Obama because he is black.

      Second of all Gov Palin is a GOv of a state. she controls a budget of $11 billion and 26,000 people. She has an approval rating of 80%. She is the highest approval governor in the country. She is better than 49 other governors at least as far as the people are concerned. I wonder how she does this by being stupid?

      I would rather have a Governor with 80% approval ratings running our military than a first term senator that owes his political life to the corrupt Chicago political machine, and radical leftovers of the 60's.

      finally, the negative attacks ads are 4 to 1. Obama is running 4 times the attacks on McCain/Palin than McCain does. Obama and his campaign cry to the media everytime McCain attacks him and the media ignores McCain's points that Obama is attacking him.

      In fact your post is a big attack on McCain.
      Attacked his age
      Attacked his health
      attacked his releationship with Bush who he butted heads with on many occasions like on Iraq, on taxes etc
      Attacked Palin on her intelligence.
      Failed to give her any credit for running a State Government.

      You did not talk about the issues, you gave the Obama talking points which is 100% attacks on McCain/Palin.

    • I can't take McCain seriously as President because of his age. The negative campaigning and vague promises don't help. The sucking up to Bush over the years doesn't help either. The #1 factor for me wrt McCain is his age, his health, and his staggeringly unsuitable choice of VP. What if McCain's cancer returns or some other health issue hits him? Can you imagine Palin in charge of the military? Foreign policy? The economy? How about church vs state? Going from running a small town in the middle of nowhere to running the world? She can barely construct sentences that aren't on the teleprompter. Reminds me of a sexier version of Bush actually.

    • So you think the gov has spent the last $3.1 trillion we have given them so well we should give them more?

      the government is the problem not the solution. Only one ticket wants to make government smaller. Joe the plumber gets it why don't you?

    • McCain = Recession

      Obama = Depression

    • Taking a quote out of context to misrepresent my statement, classic!

      "I don't care about Joe. What I care about is that he was presented as the human side of a TAXES ARE BAD story, and it's all completely dishonest."

    • and 5 or 6 posts up you wrote "I don't care about Joe"

      if you want to see a straw man, look in the mirror!!

    • what was based on flasehoods?

      Joe said he was THINKING of buying the business. He said IF he DID and IF he then expanded the business he was going to get hit by more taxes. Basically Joe was asking Obama if Obama really hated the americian dream. Obama answered he did. Obama stated beyond a doubt that Obama does not believe in capitalism. He does not believe in hard work, getting ahead, exceptionlism among man. That effort, hard work, making responsibile decsions, all the sacrifices one has to make to succeed is WRONG according to OBAMA. He wants things to be more fair. He wants to take the wealth that people create and give it to lazy bums that have made terrible decsions in their lives.

      If you do not understand that it was the ANSWER to JOE's question that made the media piss themselves, there is little help for you. It has NOTHING to do with JOE> All he did was ASK a question. What right does the media and Obama's campaign have to research JOE's life? They have none. Obama picked Joe. Joe did not search out OBAMA. It has nothing to do with Joe. It was Obama speaking the truth instead of lying about "tax cuts" that got the media scared.

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