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  • muck_flyer muck_flyer Oct 22, 2008 4:41 PM Flag

    This Market is so laughable

    It doesn't know what it wants. The market goes down because of higher Oil prices and a lower dollar. When the Oil goes down and the dollar rises, then the Market thinks were going into a greater recession, with a worse inflation. So the Market goes down even more.

    The Market goes up in anticipation of an Interest rate cut. If it happens, then the Market goes down. For what reason, God only knows. In other words, this Market is a pathetic

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    • The only problem with your post is that, like most people, you do not understand the Federal Corporate Income Tax "RATE".

      On paper it is one of the HIGHEST in the world BUT when you take into account all of the LOOPHOLES and SPECIAL CREDITS/DEDUCTIONS it is one of the LOWEST in the world.

    • Very well reasoned post.
      Thats it for me tonight. Back to the World Series.

    • That's the truth. All that matters are for Earnings to show growth for a nice pop, then sell. Or an upgrade, get in, get out for a small profit. There isn't Value Stocks anymore, because nobody wants them. They generally trade sideways until they again show growth. A company can be unprofitable for years, but as soon as it's showing growth everyone wants its shares for a quick profit. It doesn't matter how crappy the company is. PE, PEG, and other statistics don't mean a thing anymore. You are right, the Market has become a huge Casino. The only difference, you get more chances to win.

    • I won't discuss your 3rd paragraph...but...

      As to the rest. We now have a culture where investments have turned from true investments to crap table experiences. Buy/Sell, fundamentals are meaningless, just buy anything for any reason and sell it when it goes up "a bit".

    • "Want to go back? get rid of taxes on dividends. Make short term capital gain taxes higher than 50%."

      You're dreaming. Corruption in the Market has accelerated to the point of no return. Also, our Government officials are part of the corruption, so don't expect any help from them.

      There isn't any solution to the worlds problems, except a Plague or another World War. We did this to ourselves with overpopulating. We may think of ourselves above other animals, but this living Planet doesn't. You must see the consequences of other species when they overpopulate. Earth will always find away to thin them out, or wipe them out. We are no exception to this rule of Nature. Reading History proves this to be true.

    • Yes, the local store is STILL ahead of its sales goals, used games even layaways are contributing.

      BUT, you gotta admit, you shoulda sold at 60.00. I know I shoulda. LOL!

    • Agreed. I've held onto my GME for 6 years, accumulated more along the way but never sold a single share. Why make small profits and losses on the rises and dips when you can hold until you're ready to retire or NEED (not want) to make a large purchase, such as a home to live in? Just like a 401(k), buy and hold/forget. In 30 or 40 years come back and take your profits and retire without financial worry.

      Let's hope at some point soon someone with future plans for financial gains realize's GME is a steal at this price. I can't believe a company this well-run isn't still in the 60's. Economy be damned, GME stores are crazy busy when all the other retailers are empty with dust-bowls blowing through their aisles.

    • Its because of a FEW big money funds who are manipulative. They start a push either up or down and the sheep follow.

    • Your problem is you believe the media's simplisitic view of the market. High oil tears into profits by raising costs. Low oil would raise profits, except it is the result of a tanking economy. If you conflate cause and effect, you shouldn't invest. That goes for 98% of the population.

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