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  • unseennc unseennc Nov 5, 2008 2:28 PM Flag

    Hope and change gives a 350pt drop in the DOW

    How's that hope and fundemental change working for you so far?

    I can't wait for the new overlords to take over and bankrupt our fat lazy butts. Obama is not Clinton. you will learn the difference between a moderate and a liberal soon enough.

    Hope and Change Yes we Can!

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    • ... and you've found a sure fire way to waste the next four (or eight) years for yourself and anyone who is unfortunate enough to listen to you.

    • I don't try to prove the market moves on a any given day mostly. yesterday was all Obama. Anyone that thinks differently doesn't know what they are talking about. The day after the election is always the market's take on the election it has been that way since there was a market. The president election results always control the market after the election. Most days are a nonevent after an election. This states that the market is fine with the person. That the person will not really harm nor help the market in the long run. Some day the market goes up. Like in 1984 or in 1996 saying that the market is happy that the predient that has been friendly to the market won. Some day like in 1932, 1936 and 2008 the market runs away in fear of the coming socialism.

      That is fact. Argueing about it is beyond stupid. The market doesn't like Obama. Any fool can see that. His tax policies, environmental polices, employment policies etc are not good for the market. Deal with it and move on. Argueing that somehow the market is going to love tax hikes, stronger unions and more enevironmental regulations, less energy is the definition of stupid.

    • I think most of us know what the Market is generally going to do. Reading the morning Market news and action of the World Markets, gives a good idea of what to expect. You can't prove your reasons for how the Market moves on any given day, so give it a rest.

    • FACt: yesterday was the single worse postelection trading day in history. It was worse then the day FDR won election in 1932 and 1936.

      Failure to understand what the market told you yesterday is a sure fire way to lose money.

    • I have no problem with change, I just know the change being peddled has been tried many times before in history from the Soviet Union, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, western Europe, South AMerica. And it doesn't work. it has never worked and will never work. All it does is make you poor.

    • when I was bullish on GME I was also saying to buy puts incase. The bullish arguement for GME is the same as it ever was. The fact that we are in a recession is the reason that GME is off nothing with any of the reason you gave. I thought we were heading into a recession because of gas prices. i urged put buying to protect your investment. If gas would have went down, we might have been able to escape this recession at least for awhile.

      As far as knowing the reason for the market decline or rallies. I have been right on the declines, and the rallies of the market. I stand by my record.

    • "whatever world you're on."

      A world with no hope ... except for the hope that there will never be change.

    • I sold. figure we will get a little snap back then shorting again. 7,000 by jan IMO.

    • I bought 3000 shares of NPD @ 3.39. It should go back to $21.00 in 2009. I can wait---no hurry.
      good luck to the rest of you. Wayne

    • alright... i had not put you on ignore because your rantings were entertaining to me. Nothing like knowing someone is crazy and foaming at the mouth because their party got bitch-slapped but enough is enough...

      Good bye moron. Enjoy your new country!

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