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  • danielwilkins21 danielwilkins21 Nov 13, 2008 2:12 PM Flag

    'Rosy' outlook for video games...

    Great new article from Reuters...says video game outlook is rosy, and that Gamestop and Walmart in particular have the most to gain. Upbeat comments from Ubisoft CEO as's the link, and article below. If you find this post useful, don't forget to rate it with stars, so that we can drown out all the trolling going on in this board.

    Still, Yves Guillemot, chief executive of France's Ubisoft Entertainment SA -- maker of the hit "Splinter Cell" franchise -- expects 2008 North American and European video game industry software sales to grow by more than the 20 percent rise forecast by BMO analyst Edward Williams.

    Guillemot added that 2009 "will also be a great year," saying business may fare better in stores with a different demographic than Best Buy, such as low-cost retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc and game-seller GameStop Corp.

    "What we see is Wal-Mart and GameStop -- those guys keep the traffic, they sell lots of (game software)," Guillemot said. "In general, there's a lot of competition (from other publishers), but we see that software is selling well, just due to the fact there are a lot of machine owners who need software."

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    • Here is the complete article from Ubisoft's CEO. He is explicitly bullish on GME--and he should know. He also argues for the relation between hardware and software sales. Excellent article. Be sure to read the fuzzy powerpoint slide in the middle of the article. great data.

      Incidentally, the CEO expects hardware sales to increase 121% from 07 to 08. My calculations from VG charts shows that we are on track--at 119% year-to-Oct vs 07 year-to-Oct. I love it when the data from different sources converges. This is for real.

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      • love how the shorts on this board are in denial. Get out of your short position while you can. GME will hit or beat .40/share Nov 20th and likely have 'cautiously optimistic' guidance based on strong console sales.

        800,000 Wiis were sold last month in the US. And the shorts want us to think that the won't continue to sell wiis, and, more importantly, the shorts want us to think that all these people buying Wiis won't be buying video games for them during Nov and December. Am I getting your argument right? Are there any facts to support your weak arguments? Did you see my post below that video games are the least likely product that consumers will cut back on this holiday season?

        poor poor shorts. the only thing they have going for them is the fear in the market, but that fear will be overcome by the numbers on Thursday.

    • new confirmation of rosy outlook...

      1) from Nintendo--'monster sales' of wii in October. According to VG charts, Wii in the US in october went up 100% compared to October 07.

      2) Top 3 consoles up over 36-40% from in Oct, vs 07 period, which is a surprise, since the numbers are slightly negative for Aug, Sept. This brings the quarter up about 5% for consoles.

      3) Game sales up 45% over Aug-Oct period from 07 to 08. This is the real number to watch for and what will lead to GME's success.

      The numbers don't lie. they come from different public sources which I've cited before. Pump a stock all you want, bash it all you want, but provide publicly accessible facts to support it. My analysis shows that GME is well-poised to crush expectations.

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