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  • unseennc unseennc Nov 14, 2008 10:47 AM Flag

    Anyone want to defend Obama's policies as investor friendly?

    now's your chance.

    explian how higher taxes is good for the economy?

    explain how bigger governmet is good for the market?

    explain how cap and trade is going to grow the economy?

    explain how government using the banks for social justice instead of for max profit is good for the economy?

    explain how increasing the min wage to $9.50 is good for the economy?

    explain how changing the ways electricity companies making a profit is good for the economy?

    explain how conservation is going to grow an economy?

    explain how a civil defense force that takes the youth out of the economy is good for that economy?

    explain how an open border that allows massive influxes of poor is good for wage growth?

    waiting for explainations..

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    • Well he's more republican than Obama. He's also a fool because if he would have picked Romney he would have won, instead of that know nothing from Alaska...

    • I want someone to explain how Obama is going to grow the economy from the bottom up; that is what he said at every election stop.

      Give'em a check for $500 or $1000 once a year! Give me a break, it will be gone in a week.

      Again, one of you Obama fans please explain how this new economy will work; the poor creating wealth!


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      • I don't know no one does, but please explain to me how america ended up in this situaton under Republican Rule. Even when Clinton was President the Republicans controlled the House and Senate. Where is that party that once was. I think Obama is a Pragmatist who when in Office will make smart decisions regardless of how he campainged. Thats going to be the difference between him and Bush, he's smart Bush isn't!!

    • What a sad little troll you have become.

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      • sorry not falling in line to the great obama. his policies are bad for investors and investors need to be aware of that. It will impact the market a great deal. You want to call that a troll? I have stated my beliefs over and over again and I have put my money where my mouth is and I am up for the year in all my accounts. I have made a great deal of money by trading my views. Others that believed in Obama have lost another 1200pts since his election. My views have been right as far as the market is concerned. Obama's fans have been wrong. Simple. I'm sorry you don't like the truth but there it is.

        I love my country and want to see all citizens get ahead. Obama's polices will do nothing but make most people poor. I intend not to be one of them.

      • who me, I'm a sad troll.

    • you might be right but that is all happening under Bush a republican and a house and senate that has been republican controlled for 14 out of the last 16 years. so we'll see what happens under him. but in recent years this growth in government has taken place under George DumbAss Bush!!!!!

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      • I agree bush was a liberal rep. He expanded government by 40%. The rep did not control the Senate for 14 out of the last 16 years. The Senate switched control several times during that period and the filibuster by both sides stopped alot of what Bush wanted to do. social security comes to mind.

        so we just had 8 years of a liberal president that grew the gov by 40%, a congress (both dems and rep) that pushed social justice in lending for homes which caused all this mess. And somehow a bigger liberal/socialist will somehow make things ok?

        We need to reduce government, free up capital back to the private economy. 3.1Trillion is too much for the government to take. Almost 22% of GDP goes to gov. that is too much. Under Obama his policies look to expand that by another $1trillion. We could be looking at 30-40% of GDP controlled by the government by 2012. How is that going to help the economy.

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