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  • muck_flyer muck_flyer Dec 2, 2008 3:14 PM Flag

    I can't believe the stupidity.

    We are supposed to believe Forbes and other Analysts are the experts, and we shareholders are merely uniformed twits, needing their

    If you read Forbes News report today, you can see what dolts they are. I'm sorry to inform them, but GME is far from being a Blue Chip stock. To qualify to be a Blue Chip, the company has to have a Dividend. Also the Stock has to be a Large-cap. GME is a Mid-cap having a Market cap under 10 BL and over 1 Bl.

    I find it hard to believe that someone giving their analysis and opinions to investors, don't even know what a Blue Chip stock is....;)

    Looks like the crooks are at it again. Does anyone still believe it was merely profit taking yesterday?

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    • I don't know what to say anymore.This crap has gotten way beyond the usual crookedness in the Market. To be honest with you, if the SEC doesn't start to do something about these manipulators destroying the Market, I may get totally out. I believe this is a big part of our economic problem. It started with the oil bubble (which is also the corrupt Markets fault) IMO.

      In the past it appeared the economy affected the Market, now it appears the Market is the culprit affecting the economy. How do they expect people to spend, when the Market keeps stealing their money and Retirement funds.

      I never thought I'd live to see the day, that the SEC has gotten as corrupt as the Market itself. They can't be that blind to what is going on. I hope Obama throws the lot of them out on their butts. Something drastic has to be done or the Market is toast along with this country.

      If these manipulators get GME's PPS down to 12.50, then I'll probably load up the truck and get out around 18. After that, I may stay out of the Market altogether unless I see something being done about this corrupt mess.

    • Muck,

      Couldn't get back on the message board; I agree & will hold, but this stinks!

      This stock is being held down by someone well connected; consider the bad press we got on earning release, etc.

      Today all the retail stocks are up, and GME is down again; they want to take this thing down to somewhere between $12.50 & $15.00.

      There are four groups that are working this stock down on my level 2: Nasdaq, PACX, NASD, and BATS. Same guys up & down, both bid & ask; they just blocked at the close & at any weakness move it down a penny or two.

      Will you hold to the $12.50 area?


    • rbutler, I know exactly how you feel, cause I feel the same way.

      I'm generally a Trader, but sometimes I get stuck in a good stock that is going through some BS like GME. But I wouldn't make any money in the Market if I let these crooks scare me out and steal it from me. Until I see GME going down the tubes, I'm not giving my shares away at a loss.

      90% of the time if I hold through the frustration, especially when a company doesn't deserve their ridiculous PPS, I have come out a winner. With all the news I've read concerning how well video games sells are still holding up, I personally can't find a better place to risk my cash. In other words, I guess this Trader is going semi Long on this play.

    • If you watch the trading-share-pattern-price, most of the up and downs are 100 and 200 shares,
      dec-4 will show the big drop in the consumer's-willingness to buy stuff for the sake of buying-more-stuff.
      there were no bidders on the fed actions at 1-pm wed.
      and mc will cut $2-trillion off the top of the avallable-credit to consumers.
      with the production-output @ 38% for nov. That will cause a scary increase in the unemployment-numbers in a few weeks.
      watch your money

    • "I've been able to stay away from the low volume/small float stocks & then GME's fundamentals got the best of me & here I am, stuck in a down draft!"

      I agree low volume stocks are easier to manipulate, but I also believe GME's fundamentals are the real culprit working against them right now. In a bad recession, the greedy Market manipulators prey on the companies with good fundamentals and future growth prospects.

      Since there isn't many companies in the Market that are as recession cushioned as GME....Well, I think you get the picture, and why we are in this sinking ship.

    • This is not a good day for any 'GME Long'.

      My nerves are shot!


    • "BTW: They don't buy options they receive them."

      You're so right lionel, my stupid. Like I said, this is not my day. I have no idea why I posted that.

    • I guess I can be overly optimistic. If it were merely a token gesture, maybe they were trying to convey in an offhand way, business is doing fine.

      With all the class action suits out there, that may be the only way Public companies can safely get that message over to their shareholders. Especially, when they know how fast circumstances can change.

    • I agree the chart supports have not worked to date.

      As for the options, more than likely an accounting procedure for the option holder in which the money simply ends up in their account! How nice!

      I hate stocks like this; good company, yet the stock is broken/manipulated. Got into JCOM a few years back, same story. A small group of investors worked it till they couldn't get any more out of their short positions & finally it came back a year or so later.

      I've been able to stay away from the low volume/small float stocks & then GME's fundamentals got the best of me & here I am, stuck in a down draft!



    • BTW: They don't buy options they receive them.

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