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  • ogilvydog ogilvydog Jan 2, 2009 3:03 PM Flag

    This is not brain surgery

    There are numerous reports coming out (see Dec. 31st USA Today article) that video game sales and hardware sales are up by as much as 20 percent this holiday season over last year. Predictions abound that the installed base of video platforms will make 2009 a record year for sales of game titles. The figure in USA Today said estimates from NPD are that the videogame industry is headed for $22 billion in sales in 2009 vs. $18 billion last year. That is more than 20 percent growth. Who the heck is selling GME? These figures are probably way too low as the Wii is a platform that will shatter previous comparisons. Even if the stock gets a 15 PE (I think it should get a 20 based on the numbers), this is only undervalued by about 30 percent. Not too many stocks like this. For all those selling now, thanks. I am buying more.

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    • Hey, jesterbunk, I don't have a position in GME at this time. If you have really followed my posts you would know, that I generally post a "strong buy" when I'm holding shares. I won't buy shares of any company unless I believe it is a strong buy, at least short-term. Since I'm not a long investor, that is the best I can do.

      I haven't put a strong buy lately because I won't know if GME is a strong buy until I see their Christmas sales. I try to be as honest as I can (being a Trader.) I don't lie about that either.

    • "I have found people that are long, normally identify themselves as long; but, people that are short normally avoid identifying themselves in order to profit from their slanted messages."

      That's a very passive aggressive thing to say. I notice three of the most frequent bullish posters here, daniel, lionel and muck_flyer, don't have any sentiment at all even though at least a couple of them seem to have a LT view.

      Isn't it strange that so many people here say it's so cheap, and yet none have a Buy or Strong Buy sentiment? What's that about RB?

      You don't call them out for not having it in their posts, or call out daniel or other longs for only posting articles which are bullish when they claim to be posting "relevant" articles. So why call me out and not them?

      Newsflash - I don't drive GME's stock price, and bulls like Daniel who claim to post relevant articles to GME but in fact only post the bullish ones, are biased but you seem to be OK with that. If you choose to ignore the content of bearish posts because you disagree, that's your deal. Personally, whenever I'm long or short anything I appreciate the counterpoint to flesh out my own analysis. Some people though only want the validation of others with similar views agreeing with them. Which are you? No need to respond.

    • Jester,

      Whatever, but when one reads your message content, it normally tilts to the negative; therefore, in your favor.

      I have found people that are long, normally identify themselves as long; but, people that are short normally avoid identifying themselves in order to profit from their slanted messages.

      No need to respond, at least today's readers know the purpose of your messages.


    • Yahoo says that's a "Long-Term Sentiment Disclosure". I have a LT view on GME but my trades are ST, because of the high volatility in the stock.

      Besides, my current position and my guess for the future stock price are irrelevant to you. What's relevant, I hope anyway, is the content of the posts even if you may disagree with it.

    • Jester,

      A 'strong sell' disclosure at the bottom of your messages would let people know where your thoughts are coming from.


    • With the price around 22.6 I've just closed out my Jan short 20 puts and short 25 calls for $0.35 each after selling them for $0.90 two weeks ago. I figure if the stock moves 10% either way after the update then the risk/reward of those options isn't compelling.

      I also have shares short, but not a huge position heading into tomorrow's update. It's been a hedge against a long QLD position (double QQQQ long).

      I might be a buyer in the teens for a trade, but no way would I go long GME in my retirement account. I save that for companies I'm confident have a future.

    • Jester,

      Are you short GME?


    • The platform holders - Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple. To a lesser extent Steam. Also the publishers as they switch more to recurring revenue from DLC, micro-transactions and subs.

      GME's SSS only need to drop about 5% before any growth premium is wrung out from the stock. Drop a few % more and they're in a world of hurt, especially as their store count matures and new store growth slows, which it must eventually.

    • Jester,

      Who represents digital in your opinion?


    • Not really.

      They're Borders circa 1998. Amazon killed them. Digital will slowly kill GME.;range=my

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