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  • citipork citipork Jun 6, 2009 5:54 PM Flag will be active this fall , Gamestop could find growth slow going forword. will soon be a reality...Almost all Older games will be streaming real time with no lag.
    The same guy who invented WebTV has been working on this project for 5 years with a team of 100 programers.

    No consoles will be needed and thats where I have to wonder how this could affect Gamestop.

    At the moment im just not sure if there are new devices in the works or what but onlive will absolutely be a player very shortly.

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    • If you go to the site there is a lot of info under news and media tab

      One thing not mentioned was monthly subscription.

      how much will you be willing to pay month after month.

      how much more to add each game.

      one of the best articles for info is this one....

      onlive, fact or fiction

    • Doh, I double counted there, mentioned same thing twice.

      5 years to break even in that example, not 10. And by then, they'd need to invest in the next cycle of hardware anyway...

    • Aside from the fact OnLive is for PC gaming only, how would it even work for consoles?

      Let's say the new GTA comes out and 6M people are playing it simultaneously. OnLive would need 6M 360's and PS3's at an average $300 each which would cost $1.8BN. That investment would also go down over $1BN in a few years as the platform holders ultimately drop prices to $99 each. Meanwhile the gamers would spend $10 per month or whatever as a sub? Great, at 50% margins it would take 5 years per person just to break even on the hardware investment, which btw dropped in retail value by $1.2BN in the same time, or say $1.5BN in resale value! To recoup the hardware investment that's another 4+ years of subs, so now we're up to nearly 10 years of subs just to break even. LOL! And that's assuming the system works, and more importantly, scales, which I doubt.

      As I said the other day, I could see this potentially lowering GME's earnings by about 0.3%.

      But hey, who needs facts and common sense when spin and innuendo will substitute instead.

      Is this the article that you or someone else in this thread was talking about the other day?

    • This crap isn't gonna work!

      Nothing more annoying than playing a game online that keeps freezing! and it will...

    • Do you really think Microsoft is going to make Halo 3 available OnLive?

      How about Sony making KillZone2 available Onlive?

      Not gonna happen.

      How about all the "achievements" that people strive to get on their 360's.

      It will be interesting... that's for sure. But my guess is failure.


    • As I've said, OnLive is for playing of *PC* games only.

    • I'm not sure how many different ways I can say this... OnLive is for playing of PC games... not console games.

    • I think you are missing a few things:
      1. Onlive works on PCs, true, but you can access games you now play on the 360, the PS3 and the WII, not only the PC
      2. Onlive is now in Beta testing and likely to be rolled out before the fourth quarter.
      3. If this happens, you will hear one big sucking sound vacuuming a major portion of new console sales since you no longer need these to get at the games you want.
      4.If this happens, you will eventually hear one big sucking sound vacuuming a significant portion of new game sales since you now no longer need to shell out 50 or 60 bucks but can pay a monthly subscription fee to ERTS etc.
      5. Over a somewhat longer haul, you will see a gradual erosion of used game sales since the new games are no longer bought in hard copy form and can hence not be sold that way either.

      All this means, IMO, that GameStop better watch out. Onlive is likely to work, at least at the beginning, until sheer numbers make the system go kaputt. But by theat time, a lot os damage will have been done.

    • You really think someone will:

      - pay for a completely different new box,
      - pay for completely different new controllers,
      - pay for yet another new monthly subscription,
      - not be able to trade games,
      - accept never to play any FPS due to unacceptable lag times,
      - accept never to play any of the upcoming 2010 games that will take advantage of the various proprietary motion control systems introduced at e3

      all this to save 20% on the price of games when they can NOW buy used copies of these games for twice that discount?

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      • Onlive wont need any box or controller and works on any pc, mac no matter how slow the computer is, Works on Tv ,and not sure about phone, i have read something but if its high speed to an isp, all that is needed is a 1.5 high speed connection no extra hardware to run games online.

        Also with Vizios 55' 240hz and its new
        " Direct Connect HDTV " coming this fall every one of these TVs will have direct access with no need for set top boxes to run games or movies to companies like
        " Blockbuster Total Access "

    • I believe he did mean to say "all games".

      Never let the facts get in the way of a blatant attempt to move the market...

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