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  • eyuze eyuze Nov 13, 2009 5:23 PM Flag

    What if MW2 was download only?

    I think at least 5 out of the 7 million would still buy the game.

    As long as consumers have a choice between disc and digital, they will pick disc. But remove this option & they will have no choice.

    This is certainly more profitable for publishers, & more convenient for consumers.

    GME is a dying breed. Same store sales are down & starbux strategy isn't working here.

    Time to start closing some stores and laying off the workforce.

    The neighborhood Troll

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    • It would crash the internet! LOL
      Sony couldn't even keep up with multi-player demand the 1st day! What do you think 4 million people trying to download the entire game at once is going to do?

      "Activision did not say how many units were sold in the period. Last week it said it sold 4.7 million copies for sales of $310 million on its first day in the U.S. and United Kingdom alone. (See FACTBOX [ID:nN10327116] )"

      I agree with jamessalomo it's a pipe dream for the foreseeable future. But it's WAY more than just a capacity issue on the user end. There is an entirely new internet infrastructure that will have to be built to support the premise of everything on demand all the time. What's 7gb x 4.7 million??? Think about it, that's just 1 product in 1 day. The internet as we know it can't handle it and building a better worldwide pipeline is going to take a long time. Gamestop is the best play in the industry. ATVI is the 2nd. But I am surprised at the changes they've made to the multiplayer game that have sparked some justifiably negative reviews. As an avid online gamer, I wouldn't buy it based on the current server functions and player options.

    • Problem with downloads aside from those mentioned already is multiple consoles and portability.

      with a game on DVD you can use it on MANY consoles in your house. I have two PS3's and if i have to d/l a game I have to do it on each console and pay for it on each one. Give me a DVD and I can use it on either console

      Also let's say you are headed to your buddies house for the day to do some gaming. You both want to play a game that you have but he doesn't. How do you get your download to his house so you both can play it? You can't. Score again for the DVD distribution.

      Also as mentioned download times and storage are issues. A DVD is about 4GB. If you are a big gamer and have 100 disc's then you need 400GB plus room for saving too. Score another win for DVD.

      Now all these problems someday could be overcome. Faster bandwidth, on demand gaming over the net to avoid storage issues. Not sure how to overcome multi-console or sharing with friend but that is a licensing issue and I'm sure publishers won't want to do it.

      Last one and this is big. Gamestop has TRADE IN'S! Try and trade in that downloadable game you are bored with or already beat so you can get some cash for the newer game you want. What? You can't trade in your download? Oh well...score another win for that DVD.

      GME is ripe for a big pop when the market, which isn't always very smart, realizes this. I've loaded up on GME because I know it now and Mr. Market has been kind enough to offer me a great business with a moat and longevity at a bargain basement price. See you at 60.

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      • More convenient errors.

        "I have two PS3's and if i have to d/l a game I have to do it on each console and pay for it on each one."

        Simply untrue. You can download to 5 PS3's.

        "Also let's say you are headed to your buddies house for the day to do some gaming. You both want to play a game that you have but he doesn't. How do you get your download to his house so you both can play it? You can't."

        See above.

        "If you are a big gamer and have 100 disc's then you need 400GB plus room for saving too."

        I am a big gamer and I don't have 100's of 360/PS3 games. The average gamer, the tie ratio, is about 8 or 9. Anyway, you can upgrade your PS3 HDD yourself.

      • OR, switch the hard drives.

    • If MW2 was download only it would BOMB. It's like saying if the Transformers 3 Movie was pay-per-view only, 80% would buy the pay-per-view. WRONG. You just don't get it. This is a packaged goods business, not a digital distribution business.


      Because the industry needs to *SELL* the games - games that people do not *need* to buy. There's other entertaining things to do in life.

      Part 1 - make the game
      Part 2 - sell the game

      You guys with this argument do not put thought into part 2 and keep assuming that games sell themselves. GAMES DO NOT SELL THEMSELVES. The vast majority of people need a ***good salesmen*** to convince them that they should shell out $60 for the game. The box/disc/manual are a MAJOR part of the sales process. Why do you think people buy limited edition boxes? Having something physical in hand and good looking is crucial. It makes people FEEL good, like they're getting extra value.

      Digital is for you uber nerds who don't care and are overly logical - not that there's anything wrong with that. But you are a minority. The majority of people would move on to other things if the hype of game stores and physical packages were removed.

    • Yeah, it's more profitable for publishers to cut themselves off at the knees by restricting their market to download only.

      Keep dreaming.

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      • I love how people that don't understand gaming keep bringing up the download only thing. Xbox live currently has demos to download to try before you buy so to speak and even demos of games not out yet. These are generally about 1 to 2 gigs in size, and guess what THEY TAKE AT LEAST AN HOUR TO DOWNLOAD and that's on cable high speed internet. Now lets take MW2 for instance, imagine a full 8 gig game trying to be downloaded simultaneously by 5 million people, it would take forever because of the size and the bandwidth. An example is the first GTA download only episode. This failed because of two reasons: 1. Because it was download only and consumers were confused about not being able to buy the disc, and 2. Because when you did get home to download it, it took forever because of so many consumers trying to d/l at the same time. I own this stock and used to work there, and I can't tell you how many people returned the GTA episode box because they was no disc in it and didn't understand it was download only. Face it people this download only thing will not happen for a long time. The pressure of all this discussion did however make GS get proactive with the digital storefront, but this will not happen in the near future. So as much as you want GS to fail and video games to be like itunes, guess what it's not going to happen for another 5 years at least. By the way to all the people that think gamers don't want cases and instruction booklets, from my 10 year experience, they do. So much as to people hate when some used games don't come with them, and they bitch and complain about it. This now prompted GS to guarantee used games with case and booklet on their website. Anyways I am done ranting, I just want the uneducated assumptions to stop about downloading.

    • until there are hard drives that are big enough to facilitate this, and the games can be downloaded extremely rapidly, this theory is a pipe dream. With a majority of 360 hard drives being the 60 gig variety and almost all games clocking it at close to 7 gigs and taking several hours to download even at the highest speeds, it would be more than inconvenient for the consumer to have download only. You could only have at max 10 games on your 60g HDD and if you wanted to play an older game that was off your HDD you would have to wait several hours just to play it again. Even with a 120g HDD you could get up to 20 games. Not to mention some people don't even use their xbox on live and never even attach it to the internet, how will they buy games? I think that perhaps in time this could happen, but it is a long ways off from where the industry currently stands.

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