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    • It is ironic I know but my son, who owns shares of GME, wanted to buy Call of Duty MW2. He went to Best Buy. I asked him why? Was is cheaper at Best Buy? He said no, I paid the same as I would have at Game Stop, but I couldn't get into the Game Stop store for the crowds! LOL!

      I don't think GME had a bad season here in Salt Lake City!

    • "GameStop does such a good job of selling itself, you have to wonder how it has one of the few consumer-facing stocks trading lower today than when the general market bottomed out in March."

      Yeah, headly, the stock's down so the company must be bad. Maybe it is a rare opportunity where the money hasn't been made yet.

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      • It is always amazing to me how people do not seem to be able to comprehend dynamic systems.

        Take the environmentalists argument against storing nuclear waste at Yuma Mountain. They say "NO WAY! unless you can gurantee us that this formation will remain stable for the 10,000 year half life of the radioactive materials deposited in it". What is wront with that? Well they seem to be incapable of imagining the incredible advancements in technology and science that will take place over the next 100 years or even the next 10 yeaars not to mention 10,000 years!

        It is as if we live in a static system which will not evolve or change in any way and our scientists will not make a single advace from where we are today in dealing with re-cycling nuclear wast economically or converting it to something you could sprinkle on your corn flakes to improve your health, in the next 10,000 years! LOL!

        The same is true of the hand wringing chicken littles regarding GME and how they will address the challenges of on line games, and downloads, and MPORG games etc. etc. etc.

        It seems they don't thing GME management has enough bran power to concieve of these risks and actually making plans to adapt and assimilate them into their business plan. The Naysayers seem to think that they are the only ones who can imagine these challenges and that they are the only ones who have access to this priviliged Public information. They may agree that GME management is aware if these issues but they seem to think GME management is too far "out there" to recognize the "Huns at the gate".

        Well I can assure you they are aware. Competition is the constant and most persistent concern of the senior staff of any company engaged in commerce.

        The only questions ares: What will they do? When will they do it? and Will it be soon enough?

        In a year called "the worst recession in USA history" GME has held on to make plenty of profit, holds $700 million in cash and is able to fund whatever strategies they deem profitable in the year to come.

        Will they succeed? Well that is up to them. That is the question you could ask of thousands of companies today. Some will adapt and succeed and others will not. GME has been a strong runner in this horse race and has plenty of oats to grow. I wouldn't count them out, as the writer of the Motley Fool article has. GME is aware of the need to adapt and grow. I would say they know their market and they will do well serving it.

    • The 3 posts after the article are more thought out and fact based than the article itself. The author really appears to have an axe to grind. Would have had more respect for some pro's and con's vs. a slam. It actually helped reinforce my (long) position at this time but then again, I've only been here since last Thursday. Good luck.

    • By "dying out", he means "increased by 10% YoY during the holidays".

      The guy is a master of irony.

    • What's NPD? Thx

    • technically NPD data shouldn't matter now, since gme already gave their dec figures. But you know how the market moves.

    • With options expiring it wouldn't suprise me to see the SOB's pin it to $20.00 plus or minus a cent or two.

      BUT, with NPD on Thursday night nothing would be a shock.

    • It seems everyone out there is bashing GME, but I can't see why, guess I am blind. You have to go back 4 1/2 years to find this stock below $20 so I don't see why they all think the price is going to slide off the face of the earth. I may have to sell just to get on the relative safety of the sidelines until these idiots turn their sights on the other failing companies (like Alcoa) who are going to post lower guidances. Sheeeeeeesh.

    • Not really, comps don't really work that way in gamestop.

      30% drop in console prices, will hit comps. We're talking millions of 300dollar systems that sold for 400 just last year... not to mention even more Wiis selling for 50bux less. They don't matter because there is no profit margin.

      Game line up in 09 was weak compared to 08, mainly due to high margin music gaming boxes.

      We came out even and maybe more. New game sales up 4%, used games up 10%.

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