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  • oldmba60 oldmba60 Feb 26, 2010 4:54 PM Flag

    DLC games are the future? I beg to differ.

    You have presented the best argument against DLC. The analysts should read your posts. Two questions---Can Digital downloads be copied? Would Downloads of cheap old movies hurt GME?

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    • I meant cheap old games.

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      • A good question. If game developers issued a physical disc for the normal run period of a new game, say 6 weeks or so, then offered a fully DLC'd version to cut down on the resale market of the physical discs already out there, the DLC'd version would have to be about half the price I would guess. Anyway, it would be cheaper than the first run physical disc copy. Under these circumstances, a lot of gamers would just wait for the DLC version at half the price and forgo the physical disc first-run version I think. If after a period of time, say at the next release cycle of a game, say BioShock 2, the game developer\publisher Irrational Games, decides to offer a DLC version of BioShock 1 with the disc release of BioShock 2, this could benefit the game developers I think as gamers would not wait a whole year just to get a cheaper version of the previous release instead of buying BioShock 1 as a physical disc a year earlier. I don't think this would hurt Gamestop as long as a year has past and they can offer the new version game with a year's worth of re-sale value behind it. I know that a new release verion of a game can result in a spike of sales of the previous version, as some people want to play the games back-to-back if they are new to the title. Could be a good thing for everybody, might not affect the mail order rental service adversely either, since you have a year's worth of rental for any released title.

    • DLC can be protected by a digital license to prevent copying.

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