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  • abdesistock abdesistock Mar 22, 2010 1:19 PM Flag

    Johuahtree is crying rivers today!

    GME continues upward and CTIC drug rejected-

    Funny he is saying now that he shorted CTIC to save his ass from ppl on this forum!

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    • invest in GME you will be sorry.

    • higher highs? yeah ok if you say so...

    • lower lowers, blah blah, so what you're saying is this isn't a buy until it makes higher highs...ok, I'll sell you my shares when it makes higher highs

      chartists are so funny, I bet you guys sold every rally in the past 12 months, amateurs

    • Like I said before GME is a trading stock only, not stupid covered when it hit new 5 year lows because the chance for buying to come in and a pop was big. So I covered. Of course I still wanted it to go down, again not stupid needed funds to clear so I could buy for the ride up... Now I will wait once again for a drop then buy for the next 5% pop... it's trading not investing... go ahead and invest in GME you will be sorry.

    • Not to mention this gem:
      "Longs will be screwed soon..
      16-Mar-10 11:10 pm
      52 wk lows coming! You have been WARNED ever since $28 and didn't believe me...

      CFO resigned... take a hint"

      LOL. Close on the 16th was $19.41. You expect us to believe you had covered but we're still bashing?

      Watching and Laughing..

    • "uh not sure when you came on board but GME is not above $28..."

      You know the great thing about a public message board? Really easy to see how full of s*** someone is.

      You do realise posting history is public record, right? Case in point - your first post of the GME message board was on 11 Jan:

      "Share buy back ... so what
      11-Jan-10 06:36 pm
      Guys sounds good but won't do heck of alot. Sure less shares outstanding but now also less 300 million in cash. They balance each other out. Small pop from those that don't understand and then back down. Watch and learn."

      By "those that don't understand" I assume you are refering to yourself? Because the close on 11 Jan was $20.32. Today's close $21.71.

      Feel free to continue to embarrass yourself by all means.. you are good for entertainment value I'll give you that.

    • don't believe I said I was short CTIC???? what you smok'n? Had my stop in at $1.01 got stopped out and bought back in at .22 and made yet another 200% profit! GME and CTIC are not long term investment stocks they are for trading ONLY! wake up fools

    • uh not sure when you came on board but GME is not above $28...

    • So tell us how many shares you have shorted. Sounds like you shorted prior to earnings and are now trying to recoup your losses.

      The simple fact is that the conference call addressed many of the concerns raised on this board and I believe the stock will move higher as the comps will be very positive for the remainder of the year. Don't recall anyone saying stock will hit 40..high 20's sounds more reasonable by the end of the year.

    • people on this board are crazy. You want to make an investment, go buy some Verizon or Apple. This is a dead stock. Just because it goes up a couple bucks means nothing, its just another opportunity to short it at a higher price as it makes lower lows over and over. Look at the charts, look at how the stock behaves, look at how out of favor it is, and look at the long term prospects for this company, I don't see anyway someone could want this as part of a serious portfolio. Very limited upside from here. (yea, I know, its going to 40 LOL)

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