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  • hbeetroot hbeetroot Feb 3, 2011 3:25 PM Flag

    Digital downloads will kill this stock!

    The magazine is a freebie with powerup rewards. No big surprise why the circulation is so high. It is an important part of their offering, but I don't really get what you are trying to say. It is a small part of their business.

    As far as your comments about SE Asia, sorry but you don't really know what you're talking about. Gamestop is where the console market is strong. Consoles are not big in SE Asia, Except for Japan, which is even more stagnant than western markets. Korea has a big PC gaming market that dwarfs consoles. In China most consoles are illegal!

    "It would appear to me the boys from Texas need to get out more in the global sense.."

    It would appear to me you need to do you need to do your research a bit more before making uninformed statements.

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    • Good Lord the pumpers attack all criticisms or should I say critics. The personal attacks and arrogance don't lend anything to the analysis. Clearly France is the future and Asia is a market where one dare not tread.. full of pirates and pcs.. could be why the malls sell more to brand loyalists there than U.S. If only Nike and Gucci had such vision.
      Yes there are pirates galore, of really bad movies and music. As expendable income grows so will the market. If no one is there to promote and sell the product, then you are certainly right, the ravenous appetite for gaming will continue to be filled at packed internet cafes in every city and town in Asia.. why try and establish a niche in that pirate infested environment when you can expand into an aging France? As for the magazine, the bond it creates and what it says about Gamestop's role in the gaming community is worth more than some here appear to realize. I am not here to pump or to slash GME so I guess there are very few here that will want to hear what this 'Newbie" has to say. Best of luck in your investing.

    • Console penetration in Europe is still pretty low. That is really where the growth potential is. Of course economically things need to turn around dramatically before that will happen. But I think in the medium term that is where you'll see growth, especially potentially Eastern Europe.

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