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  • kurlabr kurlabr Apr 6, 2011 10:24 AM Flag

    GME is Blockbuster of video games!

    GME is gonna be bankrupt within 3 years. It is very similar to BLockbuster. Just like Blockbuster, they will not be the leader in online gaming and will lose it all!

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    • Volume has not really changed all that much pre/post earnings. The two companies’ acquired will take several quarters to see if this was a smart move on gme part. Seasonal hype is what is occurring which will begin to fade towards the last week of April / first week of May. I don't expect the short float to change that much and by June I fully expect gme to settle back down to the $20 - $21 area. Plenty of money to be made short and long, however I think the long side is nearing its peak before it begins to decline. 2nd/3rd quarter should give an indication of the direction of this stock.

    • I think $22 a share based on Q4 and annual earnings of 2.66 just to stay at the same valuation we were at last year with 17% lower earnings. The digital initiatives announcements and possibilities are worth a couple bucks a share at least given the shortie hold-down. The move seems logical to me.

    • Takes both sides to make a market. I think there will be a short squeeze higher at some point though. 37 million shares shorted 25% of float. Volume hasn't been that good since earnings so I doubt everyone decided get out.

    • I can see 25+ on a major announcement, but I just don't see that know with the two acquisitions, which we still were not told for how much. Still, I have not heard anything but hype. Again, I’m not saying BK for gme, but I do believe anything over $22 right now is floating on air and not solid ground.

    • I think you might be fighting the tape/seasonal nature of this stock. Right now the chart looks like this stock wants to test 25.5. The last 52 week high was made in April and this month is very strong for GME. If you are swing trading on a daily chart then you will make some cash.

    • The perception by the market of GMEs long term prospects are changing. This is the "reason".

      By your logic GME should be massively undervalued because it is trading at a multiple much lower than it's peers for "no reason".

    • I think they are a long way from BK if that ever happens. however, this is a great time to short. gamestop is running up too fast for no reason. I think there is a lot of hype building up from $22. I believe it will start to retrace in a few days and then it may pop back up again.

    • Sounds like you have lost it all. Marbles included.

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