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  • marcmilam marcmilam May 8, 2011 1:23 PM Flag

    where did everyone go?

    This is the time when the longs should be putting the info here and discussing it so new investors will be clued in. Just sayin

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    • See Jesterbunk? Liar liar!

      You raved about both SOCOM and Kiillzone having SP campaigns
      In this very thread this post I am replying off of. You presbyter the NPD sales figures making a justification for these games selling well if they did... Before the numbers come out.

      You do this all the time!

      TiCK TOCK. For Jesterbunk apology!

    • I was making the point that Activision was making a poor decision making First Strike a digital-only release. Many people would buy First Strike in a box because of the extra maps and zombie games, which you can play in local multiplayer (i.e., with friends you have over), but not on the Playstation Network.

      "SOCOM 3 and Killzone 3 both have SP campaigns."

      So anyone who would've bought SOCOM and Killzone 3 on the Playstation Store must now buy it either in a retail front, or online. That doesn't mean Gamestop picked up all this lost business, but it certainly means more business spilling over to Gamestop.

      The comments from this long are not meant to be amusing...for the shorts.

    • "while the stock remains up 7 to 8 points up from the 52 week high ROFL!"

      Speaking of "raving", what does that sentence mean?

    • I thought you were a long?

      Changing your mind and going short?

      Yup, good luck with that LOL!

    • And yet people say they play Socom and killzone primarily for MP.
      That was right in the killzone 3 bundle reviews.

      I love how the shorts are grasping at straws to justify being short while the stock remains up 7 to 8 points up from the 52 week high ROFL!

    • you are right, I am more than fairly amused with the comments of longs.

    • LOL, the comments from some of the longs here rarely fail to amuse.

      SOCOM 3 and Killzone 3 both have SP campaigns. The BLOPS DLC is MP only. You are grasping at straws at finding reasons to justify an MP exclusive purchase which cannot be played. Your comment about Xmas gifts in May is equally silly.

    • err I get gamespot and gamestop confused all the time:-( :-(


      Click on PS3.

      Notice how the first 2 titles are SOCOM3 DLC and Killzone 3?

      Those are heavily MP video games... I don't play them...

      But...Why would multiplayer type video games be Gamestop's best sellers right now with PSN down?

      That makes no sense.

      err wait... it makes perfect sense!

      Think like a Video Gamer and not a Wall Street Investor when messing around with Video Game stocks.

      (ATVI) stock price performed horribly for me when I invested in it for well more than a year.

      I should have dumped ATVI a lot sooner had I thought like a Video Gamer for once and not a Wall Street Investor. All the Video Gamers will complaining about how unintersting Guitar Hero was getting beacuse there were way too many Music Genre Video Games.

      Video Gamers were bashing the C.E.O. of ATVI.

      I guarantee if you pay some attention to the *peanut gallery* that is on the Gamestop forums you pick up a lot of things and while they often fall contrary to what you think...the gamers are almost always right on the money.

    • I see now - you are using their crock of #£$% non-GAAP numbers.

      "The non-GAAP financial measures exclude the following items, as applicable in any given reporting period:

      the change in deferred net revenue and related cost of sales with respect to certain of the company’s online-enabled games;
      expenses related to stock-based compensation;
      expenses related to the restructuring of our Activision Publishing operations;
      the amortization of intangibles and impairment of intangible assets; and
      the income tax adjustments associated with any of the above items."

      Translation - we look more profitable if you ignore our stock options expenses, how much we overpaid for aquisitions and other expenses.

    • I'm still here, I just don't need to rub it in like avilucks every time I see a new positive data point.

      By the way, the Playstation Store has now been down for a whopping 20 days and could be much longer! All of this is great for Gamestop. Case in point: I've been tearing my hair out with the lack of multiplayer with the PSN shutdown, so I just went down to the local Gamestop, lamented about the PSN shutdown with the employees, and then they recommended I buy a used copy of Fallout: New Vegas, a fantastic single-player game. Couldn't be happier, you rock Gamestop!

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