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  • powerpytlik powerpytlik May 24, 2011 1:34 PM Flag

    Yesterday, I sold Ford and bought More GME

    how do you feel now?

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    • Well I did profit big on GME last year.

      But, I was expecting an improved sales outlook for video games.this year.

      Instead we have seen 3 2012 months of double digit plunges in sales in the NPD reports.

      Had to throw in the towel after March report.
      When Mass Effect 3 and Zelda and so on can not do anything...that is scary.

      So I am on the sidelines perhaps until Halo.

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      • No way to know that Ninja Gaiden 3 would be such a flop due to lazy as heck development recycling the same bosses and only 1 weapon and 1 ninpo.

        Depending on situation I relied on the use of 3 or 4 weapons and Ninpos in the first game.

        I think it is practically criminal to put out junk in Ninja Gaiden's namesake. Ninja Gaiden games aren't supposed to be junk.

        Now we have Blizzard taking the Lazy approach to Diablo 3. Not even close to a million preorders I believe puts Diablo 3 well behind its predecessor in sales. I frankly hope the game flops. What I did not enjoy about Diablo 2 was never finding a complete set of Green armor kits. Now we have even more items in the game and even less ability to obtain a full suit of armor kits so as to be forced to pay real cash for your missing equipment.

        Do people seriously find this fun? I sure don't.

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