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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Aug 18, 2011 9:03 AM Flag


    Couldnt be any happier with the Q2 report.

    Not worried about the same store sales decline given the extreme difference in software releases versus last year and having to compete against Starcraft 2.

    Full year guidance on Revenue is at least 4.5% growth.

    Mr. Market doeant like it one bit but so what? The entire S and P is crashing today.

    I'll continue to dollar cost average the stock.

    69% growth in digital and not sure this Q2 was a 100% Impulse quarter.
    Gamestop went live with Impulse beginning in May thus excludes digital sales at end of April.

    Quarters end on the 20th of the first month of the next quarter.
    So that is a week and a half without Impulse.

    And of course no Spawn Labs yet.

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    • if broadband is abundant why are comcast and verizon jacking up the price of it?

      I think Steam is an important threat to GME, but I think the two can co-exist. The biggest expense associated with a game is developing it, not distributing it.

    • Steam was a system developed by Valve software for the electronic distribution of their own games. Since its release, Valve has opened up the platform to other developers. Steam alone has 3.6 million gamers logged in at any given time and sells the software at discounts that reflect the savings brought on by non-physical distribution.

      Electronic distribution makes sense in countless ways - it saves large amounts of money on disc creation, distribution, and packaging. This money goes straight into the pockets of the developers if they decide to charge retail regardless of their savings.

      Security is also another major perk. Because the distribution platform is integrated with your Steam account, the only games you can play via Steam are the games they have a record of you purchasing/downloading. This greatly minimizes the risk of illegal distribution of games (piracy).

      Comcast just recently sped their network up to 100Mbps because there is an abundance of bandwidth in the world. Streaming games/cloud gaming may never take off due to latency issues. But electronic distribution absolutely will.

      Bear in mind that it eliminates the need for gamer's to store their media, install/re-install it manually (4+ disc games are commonplace), or travel with their media. No discs to scratch, installation takes place automatically as one downloads their media, and no storage space or travel accommodations are necessary.

      This is the future; Gamespot is not.

    • Couldn't be happier with the numbers? That's a blatantly false statement right there - not the best way to earn credibility.

      With what GME reported, everyone could be happier and probably won't be down the line. Considering how overpriced this stock is, there's plenty of room to fall.

    • hahahaha, you're such an idiot... see you at $15, where you'll post again saying how thrilled you are you can average down :)

    • It doesnt matter how thrilled you say you are, you still look like an idiot. A mindless pumper who touted this stock as a strong buy at 27.50. The same pumper who said all the shorts were fools.You shouldnt be posting out of complete embarrassment.

    • Overall looks like they managed the business well. SHow promise for the future. I still don't understand why all the major reporting agencies report the earnings with such a negative tone.

    • bodi36 Aug 18, 2011 9:08 AM Flag

      what u mean continue dollar cost stock?

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