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  • bodi36 Aug 23, 2011 10:02 AM Flag


    This train is leaving soon n we are heading north

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    • After reading about Gamestop Opening Deus Ex games to remove the OnLive coupon and selling the games as new I came here to see what the prospect for a short is.

      This may be my first short-sell. This company is doomed because of a combination of the fact that.

      1. People HATE Gamestop
      2. People don't NEED Gamestop

      People hate companies like Comcast etc. but they have government sponsored monopolies so people have no choice but to use them. Game stop is getting hosed by Steam and other online distributors because they don't have a monopoly. Not to mention the old hats Target and Walmart...

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      • Actually, video gamers....not talking about investors....

        They should applaud this move and here's why.

        What is stopping me from buying Deus Ex.....punching in the Onlive Code....Then selling the physical copy?

        Maybe it doeant work that way but I dont know.
        I'd hate to see any business attempt to cheapen the marketplace like Onlive potentially is.

        Some video gamers are collectors who wish to turn a profit on limited/ collectors copies. Good luck doing that if Deus Ex can be played for free thanks to Onlive.

        But, I think the investor view sees that Gamestop should just Lawsuit Onlive and Square Enix and perhaps Bestbuy should file suit as well.

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