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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Aug 25, 2011 2:46 PM Flag

    big woop

    An awful lot of noise for pretty much nothing.

    You got people saying Stupid people work at Gamestop.
    Well thats a stupid statement. Probably from older people that cant relate to younger kids that work at Gamestop stores.

    As for Deus Ex as I understand it SquareEnix will start making coupon free versions to Gamestop stores so end of laughable "crisis."

    Feel free to short on the news though!

    Cheaper share prices for me to buy!

    Some gamers decided to put up a facebook page on this issue.
    Good grief

    You can request a sealed copy and should soon be able to get one when gamestop has the coupon free copies.

    Some gamers saying Amazon always has cheaper prices.
    Uhm thats old and not always true.

    Boycotting is retarded. Ive spent thousands of my money at Best Buy.
    I probably spent more money at Best Buy than Gamestop.

    Frankly, I buy anywhere not limit myself especially for such a laughably silly reason an this boycott call on Gamestop really is.

    Boycott them for what? All games have a 30 day guarantee or your money back if they dobt work or 7 day return policy for any reason as far as I understand.

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    • I mean you can exchange your unsealed copy for a sealed one...problem solved...

      Or you can just return it....and a Video Gamer that doesn't care that the seal was broken as a result of removing the onlive coupon will buy it.

      Also wish to point out that amidst this horrendous, Earthshaking, "Let's find something to wine and cry about so we can start SHORTING Gamestop over it crisis fiasco,"

      is that the Onlive Coupon will not be inside your XBOX 360 version of the video game or your Sony Playstation version of the video game no matter who or where you buy the game from.

      Why? Cause apparently Microsoft and Sony caught this stunt that was pulled by SquareEnix ahead of time and got it removed.

      So? My point being may as well BOYCOTT SONY and Microsoft which means you can no longer play any more VIDEO GAMES for the rest of your life.....

      Cause they too got the coupons pulled!

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