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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Sep 15, 2011 5:50 PM Flag

    Thomson Reuters Stockreport+ update

    I reported back in March/April about how Gamestop scored a perfect 10, highest rating, in Thomson Reuters Stockreport+ (available for free for Scottrade customers).

    Since then the rating plummeted to a "5" 3 months ago.

    But, since 2 weeks ago and today Gamestop is now rated
    a perfect "10" once more. Only 197 stocks have received a 10 currently from this report.

    Here's the break down:

    Average Score: 10

    Optimized Score: 9

    Earnings: 10

    Fundamental: 8

    Relative Valuation: 8

    Risk: 8 "The higher the number, the less risky the stock"

    Price Momentum: 10

    Insider Trading: 5 *UGH*

    Very strong in all catergories with its only severe weakness in Insider Trading. Only Paul Reines bought shares of stock this year while others either sold or received stock options.

    Kind of inexplicable as to why insider buying is so weak.
    Of course, some stocks don't see insider buying occur until December (end of year) or January (beginning of year).

    So, hard to determine why the weakness in insider buying...given the on-going transformation of Gamestop's transition to CLOUD GAMING.

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    • Uhm no. What we hav seen in 2011 isnt trash games en mass.

      We have seen a 30% decline in video game releases.
      So likewise when there exists a trash title, it dominates the monthly release schedule much more so than 2010 or perhaps any recent year.
      The lack of title releases and the amount of delays too...

      i.e. We have seen a true crime game get cancelled this year.
      Mass effect 3 and Final Fantasy 13 pt 2 delayed.

      But Historia for the DS is solid. Analysts are optimistic over Madden 2012 sales outpacing last years game by 10%. Ncaa sales solid.

      AAA titles that have released like LA NOIRE and Portal 2
      have sold solidly this year.

      This holiday season we are seeing a historic top quality release schedule never seem before.

      Gears of War 3
      Call of duty 3
      Battlefield 3

      Just to name a few...
      Sony NGP will also release forthe holidays and lots of optimism for those sales.

      Good Grief

      You obviously dont play video games to sit there saying these AAAA titles are trash.

    • C'mon varchild, pump this turd back to $30!
      You can do it!

      • 1 Reply to headnit2
      • I am not pumping.

        You are the one who just chimes in these forums saying, "I still hate the old Gamestop stores."

        All I do is report the facts... like the fact that the report did rate Gamestop a 5 overrall 3 months ago or so. So, Long term investing probably can not trust the report much.

        But the report does display the facts in easy to read charts and tables.

        Hey Headnit! I hate Amazon but I doubt that is an investing strategy one can rely on.

        Headnit doesnt like Gamestop means nothing to investors.
        It is about technicals and fundies and earnings conf. calls and reports and channel checking and so on that drives investor sentiment.

        What I say in the forum isnt driving sentiment anywhere.

        All it is is making sure the facts get heard here rather than repetitive cries of I hate Gamestop or Gamestop isnt digital or Gamestop is going which are all not true.

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