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  • rml360 rml360 Nov 2, 2011 2:12 PM Flag

    I'm out for now...too risky

    With earnings coming up def. a play that I do not want to be in, I see this going lower going into earnings, the shorts have control, the next thing that would move the stock would be earnings which isn't until a couple weeks away. I see us at 23 range, about 2 bucks less than where we are now. Earnings will dictate where it will go from there

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    • I believe the opposite will happen. I expect a beat on earnings and, more importantly, upward guidance for fourth quarter. That liklihood would create problems for the shorts and the squeeze will start. I think we will see heavy buying into the earnings because whether they beat or just make earnings, the upward revision would be disastrous for the shorts. I say about 26.50 to 27 by day before earnings. If we get to 28 or 29 after earnings, I think we see 32 on the squeeze alone. Besides, 32 equates to just 10 or 11 times earnings for next year anyway, a very low valuation.

    • Just a rumor from me but assuming the Apple products trade in and refurbishment program is successful, that program logically could expand to Android tablets and phones.

      Also, analysts have low expectations for the SONY VITA. I do not. The VITA is a catalyst for 2012 which can offset the shorting, especially with a new Grand Theft Auto game early next year.

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